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"I can feel it coming in the air tonight...."

“I can feel it coming in the air tonight….”

I was a big fan of Miami Vice back in the day. I loved the lighting, the brooding, the Phil Collins. Pretty much everything about it. I even dreamed about pulling up stakes and moving to Florida. This was of course before I realized that it is so damn hot down there. Oh well.

Now you can relive Miami’s pre- David Caruso cop drama years right on your web box. Just point your browsehole over to Hulu and enjoy the show.

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Night Gallery

Red Serling you were so awesome. About decade after the Twilight Zone disappeared from the air waves, Serling returned with a brand new show, Night Gallery. The show was an anthology much like the Twilight Zone, but with more of a macabre tilt. The episodes, many inspired by Lovecraft, were often uneven, but compared to the horror we see on TV today, it was Shakespeare. Lucky for us, Hulu has posted full episodes of the first season for our viewing enjoyment and I could not be happier.

Oh I thought I would share this because the other day I was sitting in McDonald’s eating lunch with my laptop and nothing to read. I kept thinking. I am really in the mood for some classic TV (ok ok I always am). So I clicked on Hulu and enjoyed some Night Gallery action with my Chicken McNuggets. Who knew McDonald’s had WiFi?

Watch Night Gallery for Free on Hulu