“Hi, I’m Chucky” by Kaxx13

I rewatched Child’s Play last weekend. It is not one of my favorite horror films, but it does give me a good laugh and I am impressed by the work they did on the dolls in the film. This got me reading about the work they did on the film and of course I started looking at images of Chucky. Lots of great stuff, but I found this painting by Kaxx13 particularly stunning. If it was on my wall it would give me nightmares, but I am pretty sure that is the intention.

[via] Kaxx13

Chucky Takes Manhattan


To celebrate Child Play’s Chucky’s 20th Birthday DVD, a dozen people in convincing Chucky costumes, were unleashed on New York City. The results were both surreal and wonderful. I wish I was there because it looks like everyone was having a great time.

Video one has some great crowd interaction. The narrators voice pushes this to an A+. You go Chucky.

Video Two’s narration is added in post and is even more grating to me for some reason. Still turn down the sound they have some great footage of the Chucky event.