Cthulhu Medallion

If you are going as a cultist who is trying to bring about the end of the world this Halloween. Might I suggest you do it up right and accent it with this handmade one of a kind Cthulhu Medallion. According to the seller, Maylar:

No mold used, all is handcrafted. Medallion is made of polymer clay and covered in metallic paint. Little hanging hook on the top is made of metal, specially secured and also covered with paint. Ignore the piece of string attached to it, it was used for drying. Medallion is planned to come with no string or chain with it, but if you would like a one-line crocheted black string to go with it, just say so and I’ll add it, no price changing.

cthulhu medallion

Cthulhu Medallion [@] Etsy