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Yogi Shot First

Don’t let all those revisionists fool you into thinking that Wally Gator shot first. As you can clearly see in this illustration by Christopher Tupa, Yogi is reaching for his gun and is about to lay into Wally under the … Continue reading

Big Trouble In Little China Theatrical Trailer (1986)

With Christopher Tupa’s awesome Big Trouble in Little China illustration that he posted earlier today, it felt like the right time to share a little more love for John Carpenter’s classic cult film. Because your day can always be made … Continue reading

Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtle MadBalls

This gruesome piece was done by Retroist regular Christopher Tupa. It is a mashup between the world of TNMT and MadBalls that was done as a commission for a lucky fan of Christopher’s work. Looking at it, I cannot help … Continue reading

Calvin and Hobbes as He-Man and Battle Cat

This apt gem is by the very talented Christopher Tupa. I am a huge fan of both He-Man and Calvin and Hobbes yet I never noticed the potential similarity. Brilliant work.

Jack In The Box Universal Monsters

A huge thanks to my great friend, Christopher Tupa who spotted these wonderful Jack in the Box Universal Monsters toys on Ebay and nabbed them for me. Unfortunately I do not live in an area that has one of these … Continue reading

ANESthetized Review

So we have another amazing product by a member of the Retroist, a personal experience in prose, by none other than Doug McCoy! We have the digital book cover’s artist, Christopher Tupa to thank for the heads up on Doug’s … Continue reading

Printable Star Wars Valentine’s Day Cards

Did you forget to get a Valentine’s Day card today? Well no need to run to the store, just point your browser over tp the website of Christoper Tupa and print out one of his hi-res Star Wars themed Valentine’s … Continue reading