The Real Ghostbusters by Christopher Tupa

Real Tupa

If you loved The Real Ghostbusters as much as I did (and still do!) then these paintings from Retroist favourite Christopher Tupa should be a welcome treat for you!

I’ve only discovered his work very recently but a quick look back at the Retroist archives shows fellow contributors have a long-standing affection for his work, and who can blame us with such sublime quality on display?

Ghostbusters Tupa

This is just a small sample of the full collection of paintings. There are 72 in total over at Christopher’s blog – if you’re not familiar with his work then you should definitely take a look!

Big Trouble In Little China Theatrical Trailer (1986)

With Christopher Tupa’s awesome Big Trouble in Little China illustration that he posted earlier today, it felt like the right time to share a little more love for John Carpenter’s classic cult film.

Because your day can always be made a little better with some Jack Burton.

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So that Drew Struzan poster doesn’t shake the pillars of Heaven for ya? Even with Kurt Russell standing there in all of his majesty? How about the theatrical trailer for the film!

[Via] Film Trailers Channel over on YouTube

It’s still hard to believe with all of the greatness you can see in that trailer that this movie bombed at the box office. I can recall watching it at the Drive-In with my Father and we were having an absolute blast with the movie…all around us were people just talking and playing the music on their car radios at full blast. No respect for Jack nor the Pork Chop Express…very sad.

Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtle MadBalls

This gruesome piece was done by Retroist regular Christopher Tupa. It is a mashup between the world of TNMT and MadBalls that was done as a commission for a lucky fan of Christopher’s work.

Looking at it, I cannot help but feel that their is a missed opportunity in the MadBall world. I would pay money to own some licensed characters in MadBall form.

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