YCDTOTV Christmas Special

There are only a few hours of Christmas left for us adults (I’ll be back to work tomorrow, anyway, don’t know about you). But when we were kids, Christmas lasted two weeks, two wonderful weeks filled with great specials like this one, Nickelodeon’s (okay, Canada’s) You Can’t Do That On Television Christmas special. Watch for the very last scene. I never wanted to be Alisdair so much in all my life.


The Best Christmas Pageant Ever

The holiday special The Best Christmas Pageant Ever originally aired in 1983, but I know I didn’t see it until at least 1984. This story of a group of wild kids who get involved in a stuffy church’s Christmas play starred Loretta Swit of M*A*S*H and Fairuza Balk of Return To Oz. I had remembered the monologues Balk delivers to the camera as a part of Return To Oz, but I see now that was a case of cross-memorization. The general idea of the show is pretty clever, as are some of the lines. The “return to Bethlehem” joke was particularly good, and the pussywillow threat scared me for life. You could probably do better at Christmastime, but you could also do worse.

Christmas Comes to Pac-Land

It has been a good while since I was lucky enough to watch something from the Pac-Man animated series that Hanna-Barbera, so I was more than a little happy to see that YouTube came to my rescue with this holiday special. A big thanks to J.E. Daniel’s blog for jogging my memory with the pic you see below. Make sure to sit back with a nice mug of eggnog and enjoy the video provided below!