The Shadow By Chris Samnee!

I’ve posted some of the wonderful artwork by the incredibly talented Chris Samnee here on the site before. When I stumbled across his illustration for the best Pulp character of all time I knew I had to share it as well, because “Who knows what evil lurks in the hearts of men?”

If you like Chris Samnee’s art make sure to visit his blog by clicking the link provided above or better yet pick up some of the fantastic work he’s done for Marvel Comics at your local comic shop today!

Saturday Supercade: Golden Age Of Hollywood Justice League

A huge thanks to artist extraordinaire Chris Samnee for posting this on Twitter, though to be quite honest I know not where he found it. Imagine if the Justice League of America movie had been filmed in the Golden Age of Hollywood! Not piqued your interest enough just yet? How about Gregory Peck as Batman and Errol Flynn as the Green Arrow?

Of course I would have to add that Orson Welles as Vandal Savage is an inspired choice!

Ghostbusters By Comic Twart

I’ve posted a few pieces from the many, many fine illustrators over at Comic Twart in the past, each week one of their talented artists picks a subject matter for the rest of the community to produce artwork for. A few weeks back, one of my favorite artists, Chris Samnee chose the Ghostbusters.

First up is everyone’s favorite “Spud” by Chris Samnee!

Next up is a wonderful action oriented piece by Andy Kuhn.

Another favorite artist of mine, Evan Shaner, gives us his version of a famous scene from the classic movie.