A Quick Look at a Quik Thermos

I have fond memories of the Quik Bunny, which is odd as I think I was only exposed to him through television commercials. But boy did that bunny like chocolate Quik, and so did I. The Quik Bunny has gone through a few changes over the years. Originally he was white with a letter Q around his neck; later, when the product’s name was changed to Nesquik, the Q was changed to an N, and at some point along the way the bunny changed from “vanilla” to “chocolate”. The brown version is the only one I remember seeing.

I have found that Thermos collecting goes hand in hand with collecting lunchboxes. I don’t have too many orphan Thermoses, but when I run across one with great artwork I can’t pass up, I scoop it up. This one was priced at $2.99, but due to a strange discount system that I still haven’t completely figured out it rang up at 75 cents. I’m not great at math, but if I did the numbers right it looks like I have some money left over for another box of powdered Nesquik!

One of my favorite things about this Thermos is all the activities it depicts the Quik Bunny enjoying! I can imagine guys sipping chocolate milk from this Thermos and looking at the artwork, dreaming about skateboarding with the Quik Bunny. I’ve been drinking chocolate milk my whole life waiting for the Quik Bunny to show up and join me on a bicycle ride!

Nestle’s Triple Decker Bar

The Triple Decker bar was a genius idea. It gave you dark chocolate, white chocolate, and milk chocolate in each square and in the proper delicious proportion. Not enough people remember them. I had completely forgotten about them myself, until my sister mentioned them in passing and I went to the web to look them up.

When you are looking for a classic candy bar, you are bound to encounter the collection of Jason Liebig on Flickr. It was there I found this high quality scan of an almost pristine Triple Decker Bar Wrapper. It illustrates well, what you could expect from your Triple Decker.

I do not remember any commercials from the era and none were posted online. But I was able to find this one that ran in Australia for their “Triple Bar”. It seems to show the same bar, although the terminology is different.

Chocolate Space Invader Candy Bar

Do you love chocolate? Do you love video games? Did you, just like me, take a look at the picture below and realize that chocolate blocks make perfect pixels? You knew already? Okay, I can be a little slow on the uptake sometimes, but don’t judge me. Let’s not have that fight again…

Where was I? Oh yeah, Chocolate Space Invader!

This pixelated beauty is handmade from bean to bar and would make a wonderful gift for the retro gamer in your life. The process for making this bar is documented on the Chocolate Invader website and it doesn’t look like they cut any corners, from the chocolate, to the mold, all the way to the presentation, the Chocolate Space Invader Candy Bar looks like a winner. Each 50g bar you order is shipped for free and comes gift-ready with:

* special edition laser engraved wood box.
* invader mini-poster
* invader sticker
* invader postcard

So if your having difficulty deciding on an interesting gift this holiday season why not drop by the Chocolate Invader website and check it out.