8 Bit Weapon has a new Album, “Bits with Byte”

I am a big fan of the band 8 Bit Weapon, I have even used their music in The Retroist Podcast, so I am very pleased to announce that just over a week ago, the dynamic digital duo released their new album, “Bits with Byte”. Crammed full of music, the new album has a whopping 17 tracks that take 8 bit Weapon to new heights with new sounds and style embellishments that are a treat for the ears and the brain.

1. Bits with Byte 03:01
2. Galactic Invasion 03:03
3. Apple Core II 01:57
4. The Art of Video Games Anthem 03:12
5. Miami Dub Bounce 02:39
6. We Fight for the Users 03:05
7. Drive Grinder 03:11
8. Escape from Xenon 03:08
9. Goodbye Cochise 01:36
10. Closer 2.00 2:45
11. Micro Boogie 2.0 03:45
12. Chip On Your Shoulder (Electric High Mix) 03:20
13. Closer (8 Bit Bandit Remix) 06:02
14. Chip On Your Shoulder (Sanxion7 Remix) 03:30
15. Bits with Byte Demo 02:54
16. The Art Of Video Games Anthem Demo 03:16
17. Galactic Invasion Demo 02:54

There are multiple options for picking up the album. You can sample the album and purchase it in multiple formats at Bandcamp or if iTunes is more your thing, you can get it there as well. Either way you decide to get it, you will not be disappointed. 8 Bit Weapon has been together for over a decade now and “Bits that Byte” brings to bear the pair’s exceptional (almost unprecedented?) genre experience and talent. I have had the album running on a loop for over a week and a half now and if you like chiptune, 8 bit and 16 bit music, you will as well. So pick up a copy of Bits that Byte today.

Demo of 8-Bit Weapons Apple II D.M.S. Drummer Chipmusic Drum Machine

I am far from skilled when it comes to music, but I do no know what I like when I hear it and whenever I hear 8-Bit Weapon, I like it. If you have some music skills and retro sound (and have an old Apple), you might want to check out their Apple II D.M.S. Drummer Chipmusic Drum Machine Software.

The DMS Drummer is the only wavetable based Drum Sequencer for the Apple //e, IIc, IIc+, and IIGS computers. It comes complete with 8 drum sounds: Bass, Snare, Rim Shot, Hand Clap, Tom, Hat Open, Hat Closed, and Lazer. DMS Drummer also has a massive sequencer built-in for song writing or just some creative noodling. The DMS Drummer monophonic sequencer patterns have 16 spaces. You can create up to 16 unique drum patterns and arrange them into 256 available arrangement slots. Each drum sound can also be re-pitched or “tuned” to the users preference inside the “Tone” section of any pattern. For example, you can take the single tom sound and create a rich sequence of multiple toms in various pitches like in our demo song. Each song sequence can be saved on disk as well for safe keeping.

Here is the 8-Bit Weapon dynamic duo themselves, demonstrating their wonderful software.