Fare Thee Well, Halloween 2011.

I hate November 1st. The Autumn People have sadly gone away for another year, all the build up for that magical night of Halloween has been spent. Everywhere I look in my little town, people have taken down the jovial skeletons, witches, and bloody hand prints from their windows and porches. No more 24hr horror movies easily within viewing on the networks and worst of all…I can spy destroyed pumpkins throughout my neighborhood…after having carried out their tasks of keeping the evil spirits at bay they’ve been repaid by being smashed at the curb. Just like in this photo from Alex Van Slyck’s Photostream over on Flickr.

Well…I supposed I can comfort myself with all of this leftover candy I have at hand and ease my way into November by watching a Charlie Brown Thanksgiving…mmm, Twix, you complete me.

Watch A Charlie Brown Thanksgiving Online


The Macy’s Thanksgiving Day Parade is over and the smell of turkey is about to hit me. So I guess its time to start watching my favorite Thanksgiving specials starting with “A Charlie Brown Thanksgiving”. If you don’t own a copy, just click the video above to start streaming it through the miracle of YouTube with commercial intact if course.

This year’s special is brought to you by McDonald’s and Dolly Madison.