Radio Shack Catalogs – Like ALL of them

radio shack catalog

I could spend hours at this site. Check out Radio Shack Catalogs – Like ALL of them

I used to wait for the TV commercials heralding the arrival of the NEW RADIO SHACK CATALOGS (usually some time in the fall) which would usually have a coupon for a free plastic 4 or 5 cell D-battery flashlight. My friend Tad and I would ride our bikes to the store, get the Flashlight and the Catalog. The guys in the store viewed us as annoying kids, but what they didn’t realize was that by being nice to us, they were creating Radio Shack fans for life. A little short-sighted, but they were on commission, so I guess we were still just annoying kids.

The 1980 catalog has a TRS-80- computer for on $499.95. HUZZAH!

1980 Star Trek Toys

1980 Star Trek Toys of the JCPenney Christmas Catalog

In late 1979, Star Trek: The Motion Picture, hit theaters and was expected to be a huge hit. Perhaps, one of Star Wars proportions. As you might remember, the toys from Star Wars were as big a hit as the film. So naturally they decided to make action figures to accompany the new voyage of the starship Enterprise. A year later, it was the obvious the movie was not going to be a huge hit, but the 1980 Star Trek Toys were already made.

So when the Christmas Catalogs started hitting doorsteps, all we were left with was this sad reminder of what could have been.

I picked a few of these toys over the years. Sadly, I never got my hands on the bridge of the Enterprise. Which is probably good since I understand it was a very fragile playset. I would have wrecked it.

Mego Museum released a commercial for the bridge and an unreleased Vulcan Shuttle. Sadly it is doubtful this ever ran on television.

Watch this commercial for these wonderful 1980 Star Trek Toys