Alternative Breakfast Club Casting


If you are a big fan of the movies of the 1980s, you have probably seen “The Breakfast Club” about a million times. Did you know that many of the roles in the move were almost cast differently? We can only speculate on how the movie would have turned out had they switched around actors or if actors who they wanted had accepted the roles. Lets take a look at some of these famous roles and what might have been…

Carl the Janitor
This role was originally offered to SCTV star and kid shrinker Rick Moranis. At the last-minute, Moranis backed out due to creative differences and the role went to the very able, John Kapelos. I cannot imagine Moranis showing much depth in a movie, so this was probably a good move.

Claire Standish
Robin Wright Penn (before the Penn) tried to win the role made famous by Molly Ringwald.

Allison Reynolds
I cannot see anyone playing the role of Allison except Ally Sheedy and happily neither did the casting people — Molly Ringwald wanted to play this role originally. I am guessing that she was going to try to play against type.

John Bender
It seems that many people wanted the role of the coveted anti-hero that eventually was landed by Judd Nelson. John Cusack auditioned several times for the part. Nicholos Cage was up for the role, but wanted too much money. Even Emilio Estevez, who wound up doing a great job as Andrew Clark, was going to play Bender, but switched to Clark when they could not find a decent actor to play him. Just about the only person who didn’t want the part was Robert Romanus, Mike Damone from “Fast Times at Ridgemont High”, who supposedly passed on the potentially career defining role.

Billy Bob Thornton as Freddy Krueger? No


We are still two years out from the Michael Bay produced remake the 1980s classic “A Nightmare on Elm Street. So it may be too early to place any bets, but Freddy himself, Robert Englund, started a rumor on the radio call in show “Lovelines” last week, saying that Billy Bob Thornton could possibly be involved in this remake. Perhaps as the striped sweatered dark dreamlord, Freddy Krueger? Now that’s a rumor I could get behind. Thornton is known for his offbeat role selection and he can certainly act when needed.

Since this remake seems to be on the fast track and it is going to happen. I personally, would not have a problem with this casting decision if it turned out to be true. He could bring some depth to the role, while at the same time hamming it up when needed.