NES Home Theater Mod

Sure we all want a home theater system, but the sleek styling of modern units can contrast too much with the our 1980s era TV. Sure you could upgrade to a flat screen, but wouldn’t you rather turn an old NES into a home theater system and use that? That is exactly what has been done by melancholy on Etsy. It really is amazing what you can fit into that little case nowadays. Makes me wonder why my Xbox 360 is so big.

NES Home Theater

Home Theater PC in Original Nintendo [via] technabob

Steampunk Computer Casemod – The Telecalculograph Mk II


The Telecalculograph Mk II is one of the nicest steampunk case mods I have seen. You can see the amazing level of detail on this mod at Fusion Mods and if you are a steampunk nut you can actually win this mod over at Destructoid. All you need to do is show them how much you love steampunk to win. How do you show your love? According to the site:

To get a chance to win this behemoth, I need you to show us in the comments what you think steampunk is. Dress up in your favorite garb. Show us something you made that fits the theme. Make a video of you and your friends. Take some cues from sites like this. Whatever, you do, make sure you’re holding a sign in your photo, video or art installation!

So what are you waiting for head on over and win, win, win!