Tom & Jerry Meet Jonny Quest

Since 2001, Warner Brothers has released direct-to-DVD animated features featuring Tom & Jerry. The newest release is set for June 25, 2015 and features the cat and mouse teaming up with Jonny Quest in an adventure titled “Spy Quest.” It seems like such an odd team-up that I have to watch it when it is released. Other Tom & Jerry animated films have teamed them with Sherlock Holmes and The Wizard of Oz but this is the first to team them with another Hanna-Barbera creation.

Plus, I’m a big Jonny Quest fan so hopefully this will spark a renewed interest in that franchise and receive some animated feature films of its own. I don’t mind the straight-to-DVD format for these. The Scooby-Doo and DC Comics ones have been successful and Jonny Quest would fit that format.

Here is the trailer for the film.

Transformers Ebooks

I’m halfway through vacation, and I’m still finding some great retro ebooks. I just found (and read) two about the 80s or G1 (and only real) Transformers.

The first is a brief memoir of one man’s experiences with the G1 Transformers. That man is Charles Smith and his book is called Transformers: Memories From Childhood. This is a short, self-published book, so it might not have the polish if professionally edited books. But it records some sincere thoughts about things that were important to the author. That’s what I look for, so I highly enjoyed it. Find it for 99¢ at


The second is called Bumblebee and Me: My Life As A G1 Transformer. In it, Dan Gilzevan, the voice if Bumblebee from the original cartoons, gives his experiences recording the show. Some have complained that the book is too short, but I enjoyed it for what it was. Find it on fir $2.99.


Donald Duck in “Donald’s Tire Trouble” (1943)


While speeding on the road, Donald Duck blows a tire in his car, necessitating its replacement with the car’s spare. He encounters difficulty lifting the car with his jack, removing the damaged tire, and repairing it with a patch. Unfortunately for him, all four tires immediately pop once he resumes driving, but he continues his trip undaunted on four flats.