1937 Film from Chevy Explains Differential Gearing

One of the most admirable characteristics of any teacher is the ability to explain very complex concepts through very simple illustration. I can think of few better examples than this 1937 film that shows the layman how differential gearing works. If you’re not familiar with the term, differential gearing is the complex mechanism that allows both drive wheels of your car to turn at differing speeds, such as during a turn, or for one to turn while the other is stuck or immobilized. Very well-done Chevy.

Barbie Ferrari in Red or White

All throughout my youth my friends would talk about their dream cars. They wanted muscle cars or cars with exotic Italian names that you only saw on TV. This facet of childhood was never lost on toymakers and they are always quick to make sure that if kids are thinking about a car, their favorite toy is driving that car.

Barbie has driven many cars over the years, but as the 1980s peaked and started to end, one car was on every kid’s mind, The Ferrari.

Magnum PI red was the preferred color:

But it seems that it was not the only color available:

The Barbie Ferrari is no longer made, but if you have the cash you can pick one up in pretty good condition. Or you can stop living in the past and embrace the future in Barbie vehicles…

1977 Star Wars Toyota Celica

Back in 1977, when Star Wars was not yet still the cultural juggernaut it is today, Toyota and Fox partnered up to giveaway a brand new Star Wars themed Toyota Celica liftback. Would love to see this car cruising down the road with this Vader at the wheel 3PO at his side and Artoo in the back.

Why is Threepio looking under the hood? The transmission speaks only Bocce.

1977 Star Wars Celica GT Liftback on Flickr [via] Global Thermonuclear War

48 mpg on the Highway!

Many of us are feeling a financial pinch these days. Looking to save a few bucks by picking up a set of wheels that gets better gas mileage? Why not try the all new Datsun B-210 GX?


The all new 1980 Datsun B-210 GX gets 36 miles per gallon in the city, and a whopping 48 miles per gallon on the highway! That’s with the standard five-speed manual transmission, and without the optional air conditioning.

According to the ad, “every miles is comfortable, solid, [and] sporty.” I’ll let you all be the judge of that.