Here Comes Speed Racer!

I found this miniature Mach 5 at a garage sale for a quarter about a month ago. Back when I was in grade school Speed Racer cartoons used to come on right around the time I got off the school bus and I used to watch it every day. Fact: it is impossible for me to pick up a toy Mach 5 without making the “CHA-CHa-Cha-cha” noise at the same time.

The car’s trunk doesn’t open, which is a good thing as I fear it may contain Spridle and Chim-Chim’s bones.

Knight 2000 Turbo Boost Launcher

Sometimes you don’t even have to ask. I never asked for Kenner’s Knight 2000 Turbo Boost Launcher. Grandma just gave it to me for Christmas. But I loved it just the same.
The Turbo Boost Launcher imitates KITT’s turbo power, which was demonstrated on just about every episode of Knight Rider. It was fairly simple to operate. You put the Matchbox-like KITT car in the launcher then pushed it forward as hard as you could go. KITT would come screaming out of it and careen across the room. There wasn’t much else to it, but isn’t that enough?
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It’s going to be hard to find this one. There aren’t many active ebay auctions for it, and I could only find these few pictures. But I had it at one point in time, and it was almost as great as the show.