Power On With This Captain Power: Phoenix Rising Teaser Trailer!

About five years back, around the time of the complete Captain Power and the Soldiers of the Future was released on DVD, there began whispers of the property making a comeback. It turns out the time is nigh for the rebooting of the Captain Power series entitled Phoenix Rising – in fact original series co-creator and producer Gary Goddard (1987’s Masters of the Universe) is at the San Diego Comic-Con letting fans get their first taste, a teaser of what we can expect.

But before we do that, take just a few minutes to watch this original TV ad for the fondly remembered series…

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….now after watching that television commercial you just might notice they adopted a similar style but for the new series Tim Dunigan who originally played Captain Jonathan Power will instead this time play the role of Dr. Stuart Gordon Power – the Father of Jonathan Power and creator of the Power Suits.


The pilot episode has been written by Judith and Garfield Reeves-Stevens (Primeval: New World) and Todd Masters of MastersFX will provide the special effects for the series. The show will present a world dealing with the war against the Overmind that took place 15 years previously when Jonathan Power discovers the Power Suits his Father had a hand in creating…giving humanity a chance to fight back against the bionic armies of the New Order.

I want to give a huge thanks to fellow Retroist writer Daniel XIII for giving me the heads up on the teaser and to Deadline Hollywood for the scoop on the the story line for the upcoming series. Now…I just need to see how this new series is even going to try and top how AWESOME Blastarr was!

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Cast and Crew of Captain Power reunite at Dark Delicacies in Burbank, CA December 9th! – Updated!

Originally published on 12/03

Update: 12/06
We just received this press release:
“Send your questions for the Captain Power creators appearing at Dark Delicacies this Friday by e-mailing: questions@captainpowerreturns.net

Only one question per fan. A limited amount of questions will be selected. If your question is answered you’ll be eligible to win Captain Power comics, DVDs and limited edition T-shirts. Questions must be received by midnight PST Tuesday December 6. Good luck!

If you happen to live near Burbank, CA and have a free evening I hope you will attend this Q & A and Signing with the cast and crew of the awesome Captain Powers and the Soldiers of the Future TV series!

“Scheduled to attend:
Tim Dunigan (“Captain Jonathan Power”), Jessica Steen (“Jennifer Chase”), J. Michael Straczynski (Head Writer, “Captain Power”) Larry DiTillio (Writer, “Captain Power”), Marc Zicree (Writer/Developer, “Captain Power”), Robert DeLapp (Special Effects, “Captain Power”), Gary Guttman (Composer, “Captain Power”), Ted King (Sound Design Producer, “Captain Power” Roger Lay, Jr. (DVD Producer, “Captain Power” & “Skeleton Warriors”), Julia Lewald (Head Writer / Story Editor, “Skeleton Warriors”), Eric Lewald (Writer, “Skeleton Warriors”), Luc Mayrand (Production Designer “Skeleton Warriors” / Concept Artist and Power Suits Technician, “Captain Power and the Soldiers of the Future”), and Dean Stefan (Writer, “Skeleton Warriors”).

Plus Surprise Guests!”

If you attend I hope you will take plenty of photos for those of us unable to make it! Remember that next Tuesday, December 6th, is when the complete Captain Power as well as the Skeleton Warriors DVD sets will hit the store shelves. I’ll have a review of the Captain Powers DVD set on Monday.

Captain Power and the Soldiers of the Future: Complete Series

Tomorrow, after 24 years, you will finally be able to own the complete series for Captain Power and the Soldiers of the Future. The groundbreaking series has been restored from the original tape masters thanks to the hard work of Roger Lay Jr. and Gary Goddard Entertainment. Can you name another TV series back in 1987 that integrated interactive effects with CGI and live action and also possessed a mature storyline with powerful writing?

Thanks to our friends over at Gary Goddard Entertainment I’ve been able to spend some time watching the 4-DVD set that will hit stores shelves tomorrow. It has been quite fun to get reacquainted with the likes of Captain Jonathan Power and his ragtag group of allies as they try to combat the tyranny of Lord Dread and his Bio-Dread Empire.

I was shocked by how many episodes I hadn’t actually seen in my youth. To be honest in my neck of the woods it was a bit of a chore trying to find what station at what time they were showing that week’s episode, thanks to the documentary on the set, Out of the Ashes: The Making of Captain Power, I found out why that was.

Believe me when I say that the feature length documentary as a special feature is worth the price of the set alone, we fans of the show really had no idea how much work went into the making of the series. It’s an incredibly enlightening behind the scenes look at the show with numerous interviews with the stars as well as the people who bled and sweat to bring it to us.

The special features for the set do not stop with the documentary, it also contains an absolutely amazing segment entitled, Captain Power Season 2: Declassified. Where we learn where the show’s storyline was headed next…and it almost makes me tear up to know that we were robbed of seeing what they had planned thanks to that rash of alarmed parent groups we had back in the 80s.

Another interesting special feature is the feature-length TV movie, Captain Power: The Legend Begins, which has never been aired in the US before. Six of the 22 episodes have commentary by Cast and Crew as well.

The Captain Power 4-DVD set runs at approximately 500 minutes, and is priced at $31.99 Can you think of a better gift for a fellow Retro fan than this? Well…how about this then…there is a possibility that we will see a reboot of the series.

If you are a fan of Captain Power make sure to visit the official Facebook Page as well as Captain Power Returns!

Power on!

The Complete Skeleton Warriors Animated Series Hits DVD Dec. 6th!

Just the other day it was announced that the complete Captain Power and the Soldiers of the Future series would be released on DVD. From the press release sent to us today we’ve learned that the 1994 CBS aired Skeleton Warriors is also getting a complete series release on December 6th, thanks to show creator Gary Goddard and Video Services Corp.!

Now just stop a moment and drink in that sight, that is a Drew Struzan poster! That absolutely fits in with the Halloween spirit on the Retroist this month!


The animated cartoon, which ran for 13 episodes as part of CBS’ Saturday morning line up, follows the struggle of Prince Lightstar and The Legion of Light, defenders of the planet Luminaire from the ghastly Baron Dark and his evil Skeleton Warriors!

The Skeleton Warriors 2-DVD set, running 286 minutes, will be priced at just $19.98. In addition to the show itself, DVD Producer Roger Lay Jr. has also included:
• Bad to the Bone: The Making of Skeleton Warriors – a 45 minute
documentary on the origins and development of the show.
• Audio Commentary on Select Episodes with creator Gary Goddard and coproducer
Robert DeLapp.
• Promos.
• Galleries of Concept Art. – AND MORE!

Like the Captain Power announcement it turns out that the Skeleton Warriors release has it’s own Facebook page: http://www.facebook.com/pages/Skeleton-Warriors/211771518833072. Which is where I found that awesome Drew Struzan poster for the series as well as the intro on YouTube that you see above.

Complete Captain Power Series Finally Comes To DVD On Dec. 6th!

It’s been over 20 years…but finally fans of Captain Power and the Soldiers of the Future can let out a cheer as it has just been announced through a press release that the cult Sci-Fi TV series is finally getting a complete 4 disc DVD collection release on December 6th, 2011.

Thanks to the hard work from the show’s creator Gary Goddard and DVD Producer Roger Lay Jr., who had to track down the original tape masters in vaults from Canada to New Jersey to California, the DVD set will feature all 22 episodes of the first season plus:

“The Captain Power And The Soldiers Of The Future 4-DVD set will include:
• Out Of The Ashes: The Making Of Captain Power
• Cast and Crew Commentary featuring creator Gary Goddard and stars Tim
Dunigan & Jessica Steen.
• Captain Power Season 2: Declassified – a featurette about the show’s
unproduced second season.
• Captain Power: The Legend Begins – a feature-length TV movie, never before
aired in the US!
• Character concept art”

For those that weren’t lucky enough to see Captain Power in its original run the show was “Set in the year 2147, the show follows the struggle of an elite group of humans lead by Jonathan Power, armored in specialized bio-suits, they are mankind’s last defense against the onslaught of the mechanized Bio-Dread warriors and the evil Lord Dread!”

As the press release mentions: “The show’s creator, Gary Goddard, originally pitched Captain Power to toy company Mattel to see if they would be interested in making toys based on the show. At the time, Mattel was looking to develop interactive technology for toys and action figures, so when Goddard presented them with the high tech futuristic concept for Captain Power, the toy company realized it would be the perfect fit.

Beyond all the tech-stuff, Captain Power was a fully realized human drama that dealt with a broad range of complex human relationships. If only for the writing alone, the show was unlike anything else for kids and adults on television before, or since.”

The TV series was rumored to cost nearly a Million dollars an episode but it was the very storyline it has since been praised for from writers of the show like J. Michael Straczynski that caused an outrage from parent’s groups in the 1980s and sadly led to the show’s cancellation when one of the heroes of the show perished.

Another person of import to the series was Marc Scott Zicree, who besides writing the incredible “Twilight Zone Companion”, was a writer on the new Twilight Zone, Pole Position, Smurfs, and The Real Ghostbusters among many other animated series.

If you are a big fan of the series like I am you might want to jump over on their Facebook Fan Page: http://www.facebook.com/pages/Captain-Power-and-the-Soldiers-of-the-Future/109863132428863. Thanks to the Facebook page for the awesome photos you see up above.

So make sure you set some viewing time aside come Decemeber 6th and in the words of Captain Power himself, “Power On!”.

Pre-Order Captain Power-Complete Series at Amazon