The Great American Cereal Book: How Breakfast Got Its Crunch

I certainly love movies. I really like Video Games. I’m a fiend when it comes to Beef Jerky, but I also have an unnatural and possibly unhealthy appetite for breakfast cereal. So when our friends over at Abrams Image sent me a copy of the Great American Cereal Book to review, I grabbed one of my six remaining boxes of Boo Berry cereal and sat myself down for a morning’s worth of proper reading!

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The two authors of this fine tome, Marty Gitlin and Topher Ellis, are worthy chroniclers for my favorite breakfast food. In 368 pages they delve into the history of cereal from 1863 to 2010, with 350 color illustrations of box art and advertisements. Along the way they tackle the history of Cap’N Crunch as well as the Trix Rabbit plus they kindly include a few of the toys that we use to covet in our youths.

For example, do you remember when you could cut out records on the back of Sugar Crisp cereal boxes and listen to the likes of the Archies or Bobby Sherman?!

One of my favorite photos that Marty and Topher have included just so happens to be on page 130 and showcases the Super Sugar Crisps box advertising those fantastic Universal Monsters posters I’ve talked about once or twice on this site.

With each cereal entry they break it down by who released the cereal, when it was released and date that it ceased being produced, the main ingredients, the lineage of the cereal (What it might have been called before), varieties of the cereal, the cereals that might be “related”, spokescharacters, slogans, and facts on the cereal.

One of the greatest joys I’ve experienced reading the book was recalling cereals from my youth that I had for some reason completely forgotten about or in a lot of cases the cereals that I was too young to enjoy before they were pulled from the shelfs, like Wackies Cereal!

The Great American Cereal Book will hit store shelves in February and will retail for $19.95 and I hope you’ll make sure to pick up a copy because it’s an incredibly fun read and stroll through memory lane. Just make sure to have a bowl of cereal at hand, you’ll certainly get hungry while reading it!

The Great American Cereal Book: How Breakfast Got Its Crunch [via] Amazon

Cap’n Crunch Costume

As part of our moving process, over the past two weeks I’ve had to make several tough decisions on whether I was going to keep, or part with, certain items. Partly because it doesn’t fit and partly because Halloween is right around the corner, this is one of the things I decided to part with: my Cap’n Crunch costume.


I ran across this item several years ago at a garage sale. The costume came in a trunk, and inside the trunk was a hand receipt from the company that made it. I contacted the company years ago and, after working my way through a few people, discovered that it was one of about 20 Cap’n Crunch costumes made for General Mills. Unfortunately the company didn’t have any more information for me than that.

Inside the costume there’s a battery pack belt, which I assume originally powered fans to keep the wearer cool. The costume is very heavy duty and I can see how someone wearing it, especially outside, might overheat quickly.

Unfortunately for me, the costume doesn’t fit. At 6′ tall, I had the twist my head just to get inside the thing. I’m guessing it was made for someone just a few inches shorter than myself. It was probably also made for someone who hasn’t enjoyed as many bowls of delicious Cap’n Crunch cereal over the years …

I’ve never had the costume on display, so for almost a decade the poor captain has been folded up in trunk in my garage. Hopefully the Cap’n’s new owner will put him to use and have him sailing the crunchy seas again.

Cap’n Crunch Retro T-Shirt Offer Now Running

I went to the supermarket to get some food this morning and right at the endcap at the front of the store, I spied the Cap’n smiling at me. Not unusual, but what made the boxes special is the offer for an adult “Retro style” t-shirt (they are marketing to adults!). So if you like the Cap’n, now is the time to load up. They were on sale at my market, so I just bought the 4 at once. In 10-12 weeks (long time), I should be the recipient of crunch themed retro goodness.

The box has a pic of the shirt on the front and a fun little 80s crossword puzzle on the back, that is not at all made for kids.