Stay Puft Marshmallow Store

I spent the past week on vacation with my family in sunny California. We visited and saw quite a few things that were decidedly “non-retro,” but a couple of things we saw were — one of them being this Stay Puft Marshmallow Store.

2014-05-25 11.25.53

Located inside the Hollywood and Highland Mall, the Stay Puft Marshmallow Store was just one of several candy-themed stores in the area. Unfortunately for us this store was closed as we made our way through the mall, but that didn’t stop me from trying to eat my way through the locked doors!

Here’s a link to more information about this area known as Sweet Los Angeles: LINK

Topps Candy Arcade Games

Topps Candy Arcade Games

I found myself browsing the Toy Archive website recently and I happened upon these wonderful Topps Candy Arcade Games, released in the mid 80’s.

Donkey Kong and Zaxxon are both great games and I would have loved these cardboard replicas as a child! Obviously I needed to know more, and the internet served me well, delivering me to the website which updated the list of released games to six, adding Q*Bert, Frogger, Centipede and Donkey Kong Jr. to the mix.

Topps Candy Arcade Games

I’m sure the “multi-colored coated bubble gum” was a good reason to buy at the time but for me it would have been the “graphics on each box [with] characters right off the video screen”!

Scooby Doo Trick or Treat Buckets

2013-10-01 11.01.25

In preparation for Halloween I picked up these Scooby Doo candy buckets, which I believe were issued by McDonald’s a year or two ago. When my kids saw them they immediately complained that the buckets were too small for all the candy they plan on collecting. That’s when I explained to them that these buckets are for Daddy and will be used to hold all the candy I take away from them for my own consumption. Scooby Dooby Doo!!!

Open Wide for Chunky! Chunky Candy Bar Fun Facts and Commercials


I love Chunky! What I didn’t know is that the older Chunkys were extra fancy. Raisins, Brazil Nuts AND Cashews? Wow and the Pecan only Chunky sounds like a great thing. But how did we get to the very pedestrian seeming candy bar that we know today? Evolution of course! Sometime in the early 1960s the Chunky Corporation bought a small island off the coast of Oregon and loaded it with 8 different varieties of Chunky. When they came back 5 years later, they found that the raisin-only Chunky had mated extensively with the Peanut only-Chunky resulting in a hybrid called Chunky X, that came to dominate the limited island candy ecosystem.

They still weren’t sure if it was the right candy to market, but somehow one of these Chunky Xs made it to mainland Oregon. Within 2 years you could not find any of the old breeds of Chunky. Nature always finds a way.

Fun Facts about the Chunky:
– It was named after the granddaughter of its creator, who by all accounts, was in fact “chunky”.
– The candy bar was originally pyramidal, but it caused packing problems so they lopped off the top, leaving its now well known trapezoidal shape.

Now some Chunky Commercials!