How about some Chicken Delight?

After posting about Burger Chef yesterday, I started thinking of other fast food that I ate as a kid. It is hard to believe, but for many years we did not have Kentucky Fried Chicken near our home. So all my fried chicken experience was either homemade or from a place called Chicken Delight. I have not seen a Chicken Delight in many years (although the one we went to still exists), but here is what I remember about it.

1. We always got the food to go. I never went in, so I have no idea what it looked like inside.
2. The chicken was crispy, which I really liked, it was kind of like the extra crispy chicken you get at KFC now.
3. The quality was not dependable. My Mom complained often depending on the batch.

I could find no US commercials for Chicken Delight, but this Canadian ad from the 1980s is mighty fine.