Calvin and Hobbes Go Back to the Future

I have been looking at Christopher Tupa’s He-Man Calvin and Hobbes for over a week now, pretty much every day. This got me looking at other great Calvin and Hobbes mashups and their are a whole lot of them. My favorite of my finds, at least today, is Calvin McFly and Doc Hobbes by chocopants (Grant Thackray). They did some voting on the design last year on Threadless, but sadly it did not seem to get the traction it deserved. A real shame.

“A Very Calvin & Hobbes Christmas”

A huge thanks to Topless Robot for the heads up on this charming Calvin & Hobbes tribute over on YouTube. Obviously the carnage of snowmen being dismembered and eaten brings a warm glow to my heart…and there might be something wrong with that but Bill Watterson certainly made me laugh out loud for about ten years with such scenes.

I really like that bit at the end. Makes me a little teary-eyed. This video was the brainchild of Jim Frommeyer, Teague Chrystie…and of course Bill Watterson. They’ve added this link for those interested in how they pulled it off:

Retroist He-Man and the Masters of the Universe Podcast