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Calvin and Hobbes Go Back to the Future

I have been looking at Christopher Tupa’s He-Man Calvin and Hobbes for over a week now, pretty much every day. This got me looking at other great Calvin and Hobbes mashups and their are a whole lot of them. My … Continue reading

“A Very Calvin & Hobbes Christmas”

A huge thanks to Topless Robot for the heads up on this charming Calvin & Hobbes tribute over on YouTube. Obviously the carnage of snowmen being dismembered and eaten brings a warm glow to my heart…and there might be something … Continue reading

Calvin and Hobbes as He-Man and Battle Cat

This apt gem is by the very talented Christopher Tupa. I am a huge fan of both He-Man and Calvin and Hobbes yet I never noticed the potential similarity. Brilliant work.

From Hollywood’s Golden Age … Calvin & Hobbes the Movie

The golden age of Hollywood would have been much more interesting if Sean Hartter had run Hollywood (and he had a time machine). This is another gem from Sean Hartter’s Alternate Universe Movie Poster collection.

“Calvin and Hobbes” Creator Bill Watterson Gives a Rare Interview

Bill Watterson, the creator of the comic classic “Calvin and Hobbes” is almost as famous for not seeking the limelight as he is for making the well loved comic. He has only given a few interviews over the year, surprisingly … Continue reading