C3P0s Cereal – The Prissiest Cereal in the Galaxy!

Partake of the prissiest cereal in the galaxy! This commercial captures everything that was great and horrible about the original Star Wars Trilogy merchandising blitz. If you were a fan of Star Wars – it was everywhere, but it was often on sub par products – like this unimaginative breakfast cereal. I ate this like a madman because I was a committed fan of the golden one and I can tell you. It tasted like a less flavorful Captain Crunch with the texture of dense cheerios. I know that does not sound like a glowing recommendation, but I assure you it was awesome.

Oh and it is cool that they got Anthony Daniels to do original VO work for the commercial.

Retroist Star Wars Droids Podcast

Retroist Star Wars Droids Podcast

Welcome to the Retroist Star Wars Droids Podcast. On today’s show Artoo and I talk all about the 80s cartoon, Star Wars: Droids. While on my way to my interplanetary vacation my special guest and I talk about the plot, the characters the cast, and its place in the Star Wars Universe. We also talk about the various books and the video game.

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