Do! Run Run (1984)

As always I want to give a huge thanks to the Arcade Flyer Archive for not only the flyers you see below but for their excellent collection in general, these are works of art of course and it makes me happy to see someone doing their part to catalog them for future generations.

Sadly I have to admit that I’ve never seen Do! Run Run in the wilds of the arcade in my youth. If it wasn’t for the great C.A.D.E.R.S Facebook Group submitting the YouTube video below I probably still wouldn’t have been aware of the game!

Do! Run Run was the 4th and final arcade title of Mr. Do!, Universal’s video game Icon. In Japan it was known as Super Pierot. The arcade game’s title is indeed a reference to the popular song Da Doo Ron Ron:

Thanks to DigiHatesMakingNames for the Do! Run Run arcade video and to SixtiesPopGold for the excellent vid of the Crystals!