The Wendy’s and Burgertime Food Giveaway (1983)

While I was at the Retroist Meet Up at the 1984 Arcade I played a bit of BurgerTime…and I really started to get hungry…wish I would have known about this back in 1982!

From the excellent Geek Vintage site:
“In 1983, Mattel Electronics teamed up with Wendy’s for a Burger Time promotional giveaway. If you purchased a Mattel Burgertime handheld game or BurgerTime game cartridge for the Mattel Burgertime, Intellivision or Atari 2600 game systems, you could send in for a free $5 booklet of Wendy’s gift certificates.”

BurgerTime Parody by Handre De Jager

BurgerTime World Tour has me on a BurgerTime kick. Last night I was playing the arcade version of the game for over an hour and this morning I started looking for copies for my older consoles to try. While doing so I was reminded of a BurgerTime piece that was done by Handre De Jager a couple of years ago.

Why would a parody of BurgerTime stick with me for years you ask? Here is why…

BurgerTime World Tour on XBLA is Bun-tastic

I do a bit of retro gaming a few times a week. So whenever a classic title like Burger Time is updated on modern systems I am both skeptical and excited. BurgerTime World Tour is an update to the classic platformer Burger Builder and I have to say, I was pleasantly surprised. I say surprised because I just didn’t think the 2D platformer needed to be transferred into a 3D environment. I am happy to say that even though this transformation occurred the developers of the game did not go 3D crazy.

Instead what you get is the 2D world in a 3D environment that gives a greater range of motion, but at the same time intelligently limits that range. Which once you get the hang of it give you a lot more control of your moves and freedom from death squeeze situations that would have meant insta-death in the original BurgerTime. This equals a lot less frustration.

The game’s offbeat humor is very much intact. You are still chased by giant foodstuff and pepper is the number one weapon in your anti-food arsenal, but you also have other options that help to make the game a deeper experience.

Burger Time World Tour is an adjustment for classic players, but I like the direction the game was taken in. Like the recent remakes of Pac Man, it maintains the core retro gameplay but adds to it. Appealing to newer audiences while at the same time satisfying retro fans. I could definately see other classic platformers being refined and released using this direction. For 800 XBLA points it is a bargain and a fun game for the entire family.

If you do not have an Xbox 360 don’t worry, MonkeyPaw Games reports that versions for the Wii and PSN are coming soon.

Burger Time By Dave Perillo!

Okay, okay. I thought the obviously talented Dave Perillo had outdone himself with that Muppet Show print from this morning…that I’m still upset sold out. Now he goes and creates a faux vintage advertisement for none other than Chef Peter Pepper from Burger Time! Dave did this for the Gallery 1988: Old School Video Game Show that opened last night and will run until October 8th.

214 Pier Ave
Santa Monica, CA 90405

You know this brings up a question I have…is it BurgerTime or Burger Time? If you go by the original flyers from Arcade Flyer Archive it’s all smashed together and yet the Japanese exclusive Super Burger Time has it separated. What do you feel is the answer, dear readers?

Make sure to visit Dave’s own web site by clicking his link up top to visit Montygog’s Art-O-Rama! and grab your favorite beverage as you peruse his incredible artwork.