Insert Quarter-Bin: The Art of Merging Games and Comics

The three faux comic covers I’ve included in this post are from a great site I’ve just discovered called Insert Quarter-Bin. Created by artist Rusty Shackles, it aims to “… be more than mere paltry mash-ups, IQB seeks to explore symmetries and celebrate 2 mediums simultaneously…” and I think he’s cracked it here!

IQB: Mario
IQB: Altered Beast

If you like the IQB site, you should also check out PaletteSwapBlog, another of Rusty’s sites with a focus on redesigning video game packaging. From there you’ll see beauties such as this BurgerTime design:

PS: Burgertime

Finally, if you like what the artist is creating himself, you might also be interested in following him on Tumblr where he tends to post a lot of other cool work from other artists too.