Last Action Hero Burger King Cups

Burger King’s Last Action Hero Cups

Last Action Hero is the type of movie that Hollywood execs would eat up. It made sense that Burger King would hawk Last Action Hero collectible soft drink cups.

The movie plot’s sees a young boy transported into his favorite movie. He meets his favorite action star and together they hunt down an evil villain. Sounds like box office gold!

Even with the big guns of Arnold Schwarzenegger and the guy who directed Die Hard (John McTiernan), Last Action Hero wasn’t a huge success.

Arnold had conquered the box office in 1992 with the success of Terminator 2. He was an unstoppable machine, but Last Action Hero was his first real box office disappointment. Released in the summer of 1993, it simply couldn’t compete with Jurassic Park. Luckily for Arnold, he teamed up with James Cameron in 1994 and bounced back with True Lies.

Collect all 4 Cups at Burger King!

While it didn’t live up to expectations, it’s a fun movie with an excellent supporting cast.

It’s filled with one-liners and Arnold never hesitates to make fun of himself or his supporting cast. There’s an amusing joke involving F. Murray Abraham’s character killing Mozart.

Charles Dance is the evil villain Benedict and has a collection of crazy glass eyes. Bridgette Wilson, Tom Noonan, and Anthony Quinn round out a star-studded cast.

Keep your eyes peeled for a cameo by an animated cat (bonus points if you recognize the actor voicing this MC Skat Kat knockoff).

The film also boasted a rockin’ soundtrack with some of the biggest bands of the day: AC/DC, Alice in Chains, Megadeth, Def Leppard, and many other hard rock acts you’ll recognize.

Have It Your Way!

Burger King was aggressively marketing to a younger generation in the early ’90s with a series of commercials starring MTV’s Dan Cortese and Debra Wilson (of MADtv fame).

Burger King spent $20 million on a marketing campaign for what they called “the biggest movie of the summer.”

For everything that went wrong with Last Action Hero’s marketing, Burger King’s tie-in with the film was pretty awesome. Collectible soft drink cups were pretty standard when it came to movie/fast food tie-ins.

But how many soft drink cups were animated? That’s right, the cup you got at Burger King actually animated a scene from the movie. Check ’em out and don’t forget to collect all four!

Stuffed Burger Kings

No, not stuffed at Burger King — stuffed Burger Kings!

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I picked these royal fellows up along the way during my travels and recently passed them on to a friend. Stuffed animals, plush dolls, and pillows are both a blessing and a curse; there are a lot of retro-themed ones out there, but they take up a lot of space and they’re hard to display and keep clean. From time to time I’ll pick up a few, hang on to them for a bit and then pass them along to someone else.

Growing up in the 70s and 80s I think McDonald’s won the marketing war (plus we had to drive past five sets of golden arches before reaching the nearest Burger King), but I still enjoyed having these around.

Burger King Pillow Dolls

Typically when I think of Burger King collectibles the first thing that comes to mind are the company’s drinking glasses — specifically the Star Wars ones — so finding other BK-related collectibles in the wild is always a treat.

Last week I ran across not one but two plush versions of the King himself in an antique mall. Now, I have to admit something here: I have a bit of a hang up when it comes to buying used pillows and stuffed animals. There’s something about adding something to my collection that’s probably full of some other kid’s drool that I just can’t seem to get over.

The more cartoonish of the two Kings dates back to 1973; the one of the right is slightly newer, released in the late 70s I think. (If anyone knows for sure when these were released, please let me know.) Although the memory is cloudy I do think I may have owned the one on the left when I was a kid. If I did, I surely would have slept with my head on top of it in hopes of dreaming about hamburgers, and whomever owns it today owns a plush doll filled with my drool.

Burger King Universal Monster Figures

We’ve all gotten some great premiums in Happy Meals and other fast food kids’ dinners. Definitely in the running for the greatest premiums of all time, though, are the Burger King Universal Monster action figures.

Burger King was giving these gems away in 1997. They were 3.75 inches high (the proper height of an action figure, as we all know), had those Star Wars holes in the feet so they could be stood on those Star Wars pegs, had articulated heads and limbs, and came with little settings. The Wolf Man had a cellar he rose out of, Dracula a coffin, and Frankenstein’s Monster a lab table. I don’t know what set the Creature came with, but I doubt it was a lagoon.

These figures are really great, especially considering they were give-away toys, and you can still get them on Ebay, even unopened, fairly cheaply today.