Pee-wee Herman Show Coming to Broadway on October 26th

I had wanted to go to the Pee-wee Herman show when it was playing out in LA, but since that was a continent away, I just kind of hoped that as planned it would make it New York City. Well last night I booked my tickets for one of their Broadway performances. So I will finally fulfill the dream I have had since catching the Pee-Wee Herman Show on HBO, seeing it LIVE. It is only a 6 week run and tickets are still available. Make sure you book yours today.

pee wee herman show

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The Last Starfighter: the Off-Broadway Cast Recording

las starfighter

Fans of the original movie might not know this, but The Last Starfighter was turned into an off-Broadway musical a little while back. Now, while you might now be able to see it anymore you can take a piece of musical magic home with you. That’s right you can purchase the Original Cast Recording online for a mere $8.99.

Why are you still here when you could be hearing “Starlite Starbrite”, “To Make a Hero” and everyone favorite “Zandozan!” Samples are on the site so check it out.

Love it? Why not pick up a copy of The Last Starfighter: A New Musical Original Off-Broadway Cast Recording [via] Amazon

After enjoying the album why not give a listen to Retroist Last Star Fighter Podcast and learn all about the movie that inspired the musical.