Sega Stuntcar Game (1970)

A big tip of the hat to the Bring Back Retro Arcades Facebook group for the link to this rather interesting video for Sega’s 1970 Pinball/Arcade Title, Stuntcar. Sadly I’ve not been able to dig up a Flyer for this game or anything besides what Bill Heatherly who restored the machine had to share over on YouTube.

“Object is to steer the car in front of the balls which activates the front front to push the balls back into play. Player tries to roll the balls through the seven lanes to activate a switch that turns the light off to that lane. Close all seven gates and you win a free game. Some more rare versions dispense crackers for a win.”

Virtual Boy Arcade Cabinet By Tighe Lory

I want to thank the Bring Back Retro Arcades Group over on Facebook for the heads up on what Tighe Lory accomplished, he built an arcade cabinet for his Nintendo Virtual Boy!

Thanks to Tighe Lory for the photo up top and for sharing his creation on YouTube! A big thanks as well to Planet Virtual Boy for this awesome commercial! Kind of a frightening commercial actually.