Travis Falligant’s Halloween Costume Starter Kits!

With only ten days away until Halloween – it’s a good time to start looking at costume kits. Now you can certainly head to your local mall and pick up a zombie mask or some such. Likewise you could really stand out this year and take a look at Travis Falligant’s Halloween Costume Starter Kits!

They are NOT coming soon anymore - they are here!

They are NOT coming soon anymore – they are here!

Don’t you share a lot of Falligant’s artwork?

Yes, I most certainly do. Whether it be “lost” Scooby-Doo episodes or a mash-up between The Breakfast Club and The NeverEnding Story. Travis Falligant is a very talented artist and in addition he is one heck of a nice guy. In fact if you visit the Saturday Frights Facebook Page you will see how much art he has graciously shared.
Images courtesy of Travis Falligant.

Okay. Question answered. What about these Halloween Costume Starter Kits?

I was getting to that. Travis also has a wonderful taste in movies. Cult movies that is to say. Given that the three Costume Starter Kits he is offering for example have been inspired by the likes of Blacula, Frankenhooker, and the Howling II!

I will start off with my favorite – the “Blood Sucka”!

All images courtesy of Travis Falligant.

All images courtesy of Travis Falligant.

Each of the three Costume Starter Kits cost a mere $18 and come with:
1 High quality mask printed and pressed on E-Flute Cardboard and matte laminated. Ready to wear!
1 T-Shirt Transfer Kit complete with tee design, iron-on instructions, and transfer paper.
2 Laminate stickers featuring the artwork of the character you have chosen.
Candy Starter kit to get your Trick or Treat game begun!

Dead Dame!


The She-Wolf!


You can order the Halloween Costume Starter Kits right this second over at Travis’Etsy Store. Furthermore you can order all three so you can truly fit in with any creature of the night!

Alternative Breakfast Club Casting


If you are a big fan of the movies of the 1980s, you have probably seen “The Breakfast Club” about a million times. Did you know that many of the roles in the move were almost cast differently? We can only speculate on how the movie would have turned out had they switched around actors or if actors who they wanted had accepted the roles. Lets take a look at some of these famous roles and what might have been…

Carl the Janitor
This role was originally offered to SCTV star and kid shrinker Rick Moranis. At the last-minute, Moranis backed out due to creative differences and the role went to the very able, John Kapelos. I cannot imagine Moranis showing much depth in a movie, so this was probably a good move.

Claire Standish
Robin Wright Penn (before the Penn) tried to win the role made famous by Molly Ringwald.

Allison Reynolds
I cannot see anyone playing the role of Allison except Ally Sheedy and happily neither did the casting people — Molly Ringwald wanted to play this role originally. I am guessing that she was going to try to play against type.

John Bender
It seems that many people wanted the role of the coveted anti-hero that eventually was landed by Judd Nelson. John Cusack auditioned several times for the part. Nicholos Cage was up for the role, but wanted too much money. Even Emilio Estevez, who wound up doing a great job as Andrew Clark, was going to play Bender, but switched to Clark when they could not find a decent actor to play him. Just about the only person who didn’t want the part was Robert Romanus, Mike Damone from “Fast Times at Ridgemont High”, who supposedly passed on the potentially career defining role.

Breakfast Club Cast – Where are They Now


ABC News posted this nice little slideshow of then and now photos of the “Breakfast Club” cast. Now this slideshow is a few years old, but is useful as photo reference. It made me want to check up on our favorite angst ridden teens. Here is a summary of what they are up to:

  • Now I know that Anthony Michael Hall was in Batman and is on “The Dead Zone”.
  • Ally Sheedy, who rocked War Games, was recently on Psych.
  • Emilio Estevez has been directing like a madman and I am sure he is planning that next Mighty Ducks movie. Win! Win! Win!
  • New Jersey’s Paul Gleason passed away in 2006. Which I thought was shocking at the time.
  • Judd Nelson is acting, but a quick look at his IMDB profile, shows a lot of straight to video releases. Still work is work and I am glad to see he is still acting. What about you Dad? What about you?!
  • Molly Ringwald is on “The Secret Life of the American Teenager”, which has been picked up for another season.

So besides Gleason, the club isn’t doing too bad. Let’s check back in another 25 years.