Bozo’s Circus Band

I ran across this record set while out shopping:

Record - Bozo's Circus Band

The Bozo’s Circus Band album is (other than Bozo’s theme song) a collection of circus music. This is, I believe, the somewhat rarer three-record (78 speed) version. The album was later released on a single, 33 1/3 vinyl album as well. My current record player doesn’t play 78rpm records, so I had to pass this one by.

Bozo the Clown Bop Bag Inflatable Punching Toy

When I was a kid, nothing helped burn off excess sugar energy like a punching toy. I must have a bunch of these knockaround buddies as a kid. All of which could take me out in under 4 rounds.

My most memorable punching toy was Bozo the Clown. I am not sure why, but something about this smiling inflatable clown triggered hours of small ineffective flying fists. So effective was Bozo, that I was not surprised to see that his clowny visage still finds its way onto punching toys. Order one up for yourself or someone you love and let the fists fly!!

Bozo the Clown Bop Bag Inflatable Punching Toy [@] Amazon