Elsie the Cow Head Bank

I have no idea why Borden’s Elsie the Cow mascot is not more popular. Maybe we were just big milk fans in my house, but we had a bunch of Elsie stuff lying around. Mostly glasses and mugs and certainly nothing as awesome as this vinyl bank. Elsie says, “Save your money for Milk.” The bank is currently being sold at Hake’s and I think would look great in any retro kitchen. If you need to build on the theme, Hake’s has a bunch of Elsie stuff for sale.

elsie the cow

According to Hake’s:

4” round base by 9.5” tall. c. 1950s. Vinyl figural head of smiling Elsie with accents on eyes, eyelashes, mouth, daisy necklace. Original plastic plug trap. Back of base has Borden Co. copyright mark in reverse image as made.

Elsie the Cow Head Bank [@] Hake’s

Vintage Borden’s Milk Ads led to my Milk Addiction

Borden’s advertising must really work, because I only have very positive impressions of them and honestly who does not love Elsie the Borden Cow. I am not surprised though I just found out the other day that I actually drank the evaporated milk out of a bottle when I was a baby, so I guess my indoctrination started at an early age. In fact my brand loyalty is so strong that almost during every food holiday, when I go shopping, I buy a can of milk and bring it home and never use it. So if you look in my pantry i have nearly 20 cans of the stuff. I need to start baking more.

bordens ad