Strange Change

It Was Time For A Change With 1967’s Strange Change Toy!

Mattel’s 1967’s Strange Change toy was designed for all would-be mad scientists. The sad fact of the matter for myself however is that I was born a little too late to see this on the toy shelves. Furthermore I didn’t even know about the Strange Change time machine until just a few months back.
Strange Change

I was creating a post for the Saturday Frights Facebook Page, looking up some vintage monster toys. Which is of course how I happened upon an article from Boing Boing. I didn’t waste any time attempting to find a TV commercial, so I might see the toy in action.

[Via] Muttley 16

A couple of things spring to mind after watching that commercial. In the first place, they would never make this toy today. As the Strange Change time machine unit was capable of extreme heat. That is how the Time Capsule is able to reveal the creature hidden within.

Not to mention the need for the included tweezers so that children could safely handle their newly freed beastie. The range of creatures appear to have been everything from robots, monsters, and dinosaurs.

Of course the Lost World was the focus of the Strange Change machine. So naturally dinosaurs were the focus.

When a young mad scientist was finished with their discovery. They would place the creature back into the Expansion Chamber, so it would warm up. Then, using the tweezers of course, they would stuff it into the Compression Chamber. Cranking the heavy metal handle to squeeze it back into a Time Capsule.

Image courtesy of Boing Boing.

I have looked on eBay and the prices for a working toy…are very expensive. While the Strange Change machine was only on the market for a year. It appears that in this case it was a well built toy. And while I am saddened that I probably won’t be playing with one in the near future. At the very least I can take some small amount of comfort that I was around for the Mad Scientist Monster Lab!

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1972 Flame Gun Ad…wait, what?!

Flame Gun
When I first saw this ad posted over at Boing Boing I thought it had to be a joke. I can honestly say I’ve never run across a flame gun while perusing the store shelves of my local shops…of course the weather in my neck of the woods doesn’t exactly call for a need of a Flame Gun…though it says it is a gun with 1000-and-1 uses.
My favorite part of the ad besides the illustration of the woman using a “weapon” Q crafted for James Bond is this warning:
Flame Gun Warning

For my money though when it comes time to wage war against the zombie hordes, er, I mean melt snow and ice I want the model that was made in England!
Flame Gun Sizes

Just remember…
Flame Gun Warning B

First Game Is On Me at the 1984 Arcade

By the time this post hits I should be well on my way to the first Retroist Meet Up at 1984.

I’m not sure if we will be able to do a live feed of the Meet Up but at the very least I’ll make sure to take tons of photos for those that cannot attend this go around.

So if you are in the area of downtown Springfield Missouri, why not stop in, drop $5 at the door for admittance and have a very enjoyable day/night of playing classic arcade games? I’ll be the overweight guy with a big smile on his face wearing the Walt Disney Tron trading pin.

A big thanks to BoingBoing for that awesome photo of game tokens as well as to Gone Movie for the Doc’s DeLorean picture!