7-UP Dots

Merry Christmas from the 7-UP Dots

Twenty years ago the 7-up Dots made their first appearance on television. These cute animated guys quickly became the California Raisin of the soda pop world. They had a great run, but sadly like all mascots they lost their power to sell. Eventually they went the way of the “Where’s the Beef Lady” and Burger King’s “Herb”.

A plush Dot of my favorite chilhood toys for about 3 months in the eighties. It was cute and non-descript and I loved it. If you would like a plush Dot I suggest you go dig out that mold-ridden toy chest stored in you parents basement. Did they throw that out? You can get a deal at even the most overpriced junk store. You can usually find them tucked behind the $200 blue Snaggletooths and the $15 E.T. collector glasses.

Watch this magical holiday 7-UP Dots commercial