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Saturday Frights: Your Date Is Here (2017)

Hey there, Fright Fans! It has been quite some time since we’ve shared with you a new Saturday Frights. Not the podcast of course, I mean the best retro horror related or at least retro themed shorts and TV shows. Which is in fact exactly why we are sharing Your Date is Here, it’s not only an enjoyable short film but does have a retro connection. In this case that is Milton Bradley’s 1965 Mystery Date!

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We have Zachary Paul from over at the Bloody Disgusting site, to thank for the heads up on the short film. Your Date is Here is a prime example why short films work so well. Much like why I have always loved the short stories of Stephen King and Richard Matheson. Horror or thrillers, sometimes can be the most enjoyable when it is simplest. Deliver enough story for a setup and then drop the scare.

Although if I am behind totally honest, Your Date is Here isn’t all that scary. Not that is makes it any less enjoyable of course. I found myself with a pretty big grin on my face throughout it’s almost 6 and a 1/2 minute run. The short delivers in spades with atmosphere, moreover a creeping unease that begins to permeate the story.
Your Date is here - No Eyes

What of that story? A Mother and her Daughter decide to play a board game one evening. To help pass the time while they wait for the pizza delivery man to arrive. The young girl takes an old game off a shelf called ‘Your Date is Here’. It doesn’t take long however before some odds things occur while playing the game…as well as the Mother noticing disturbing artwork in the game itself.
Your Date is Here - Date Card

Filmmakers Zak White as well as Todd Spence took an actual Mystery Date board game and altered it to their needs. Adding in all the creepy touches that makes the short so enjoyable. After watching Your Date is Here, make sure to hop on over to Bloody Disgusting, Zachary has an interview with Zak and Todd.

Now, dim the lights down, lean in closer to your monitor and enjoy Your Date is Here!

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Night Terrors Series: Phase 7 DVD Giveaway Winner!

A huge thanks again to our friends over at Platform Media Group as well as The Collective and Bloody Disgusting Selects for this DVD giveaway opportunity for the wonderful Phase 7 horror film.

Our lucky winner for the Phase 7 DVD is Saturday World, so please join me in giving him a mighty congrats! The DVD should be sent out on Monday and thanks again to everyone who entered.

Night Terrors Series: Phase 7 DVD Giveaway!

A huge thanks to our friends over at Platform Media Group as well as the The Collective and Bloody Disgusting Selects for this DVD giveaway opportunity for the wonderful Phase 7 horror film.

Heralded for its clever combination of humor and gore, PHASE 7 follows its successful theatrical run this summer with a nationwide release October 4th, 2011 on DVD, iTunes, TV Video on Demand and other platforms.

PHASE 7 mixes satire, humor, horror and social commentary in a way that reminds viewers of the arch SHAUN OF THE DEAD and the savvy claustrophobia of [rec]. An Argentine apocalyptic horror film, PHASE 7 was directed and written by Nicolás Goldbart; produced by Sebastian Aloi; executive produced by Steven Schneider (Insidious, Paranormal Activity). With a “top-notch” cast, the movie stars Daniel Hendler (LOST EMBRACE); Jazmín Stuart (THE PARANOIDS); Yayo Guridi (LOS RODRIGUEZ); and Federico Luppi (PAN’S LABYRINTH).”

Now you might be wondering how you can win the DVD? In the comments section all you need to do is type in the name of your favorite Horror movie to watch during the Halloween season. It is simple as that and next week we shall use our patented bag of twenty-sided dice to choose our winner…or possibly go for the less scientific method!

Night Terrors Series: Atrocious (2010)

A huge thanks to our friends over at the Platform Media Group as well as to The Collective and Bloody Disgusting Selects for letting me review their latest Horror offering, Atrocious.

Directed and written by Fernando Barreda Luna, Atrocious, is a Spanish “Found Footage” horror film in the mold of Paranormal Activity, Cloverfield, and of course the Blair Witch Project.

Cristian and July (Pronounced Julie) are two teenagers who run their own little website documenting local paranormal legends, so when they go on a Family vacation to their Summer home in Sitges they are determined to make the best of it by deciding to investigate the Legend of the Girl in the Garraf woods. We are told by Cristian that it is has been claimed a little girl went wandering in the Garraf woods and became hopelessly lost and died somehow. The Legend claims that when you are lost in those woods the spirit of the little girl will appear to lead the wanderer out safely.

After settling in the two teenagers are interested in the old rusted and quite locked gate that leads to an immense hedge maze on the property. Though they are forbidden from entering it by their parents…which of course means they have to investigate and document it with their video cameras.

The next day their investigation is fueled with the help of a friend of the family who informs them during a video “interview” that there are variations on this Legend, that the girl wandered through the forest and plunged to her death in an abandoned well, and that he was made by his own Father to swear not to ever enter the woods.

This just makes the kids want to investigate the woods all the more, the location of the hedge maze naturally…where they discover…an abandoned well. The movie while being an indie film does a fantastic job of ramping up the tension, and I’m not kidding when I say the last 30 minutes is a continuous heart pounding finale. The ending, well, I’ve not had chills like that since the ending of Alfred Hitchcock’s Psycho.

Atrocious hits participating AMC Theatres today and yet again I am envious of those that can see this with an audience!