Bizarre Vintage Halloween Postcard

Okay, folks, this is a weird one.

It appears to me that a black cat was baked into a spice cake — with really hard and thick icing that breaks off like shattered glass — and then the pumpkin-bodied, corn-limbed guys with red pepper hats went to have a slice and got the shock of their lives when the cat burst forth from the seasonal confection.

Were the pumpkin-bodied, corn-limbed, red-pepper-hat-wearin’ guys actually the ones that baked the cat into the dessert in the first place? Did they hope that an entombed cat would add extra zest to their spicy treat? And what the heck is that mysterious glowing phallic symbol in the background? Or is that the Washington Monument?

I’m open to all interpretations.

Vintage Halloween Postcard

Halloween Etymology

“Friendly Fairy, Witch, or Fay Fulfil the Wish You wish to day.”

In case you are unfamiliar with the term “Fay,” which appears in this vintage Halloween postcard, here’s the Merriam-Webster definition (actually the third entry for the term, but the one that seems most fitting in this context):

Main Entry: fay
Function: noun
Etymology: Middle English faie, from Anglo-French fee — more at fairy
Date: 14th century
: fairy, elf

Vintage Halloween Postcard

Poor Witch, Always on the Outside Looking In

I find this vintage Halloween postcard very melancholy. The witch doesn’t look menacing. She doesn’t seem to be plotting against the young girls inside. She looks lonely. An outsider. She looks like she wants to ring the bell, have the girls invite her inside, and bob for apples like one of the gang.

But despite her inclination, she decides against making herself known. She’s been burned too many times before. Shunned once too often. So misunderstood. So she remains an outsider with only her friends Mr. Cat and Mr. Owl to console her…and the full moon mocking her unfortunate station in life.

Be kind to the outsiders this Halloween. And if you see a “wicked” witch looking in, invite her inside to enjoy your own brand of festivities.

Vintage Halloween Postcard