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Happy Birthday, MTV!

Thirty-three years ago today, on August 1, 1981, MTV was born. And where were Alan, Mark, Nina, Martha, and J.J. on that fateful night? They were in a basement in Fort Lee, New Jersey, huddled around a television set probably … Continue reading

Vintage Character Cake Pans

“Character” Cake Pans were all the rage in the 1970s and 80s. I recently found these three hanging out at a local antique mall. What kid wouldn’t want to find their birthday candles stuck into a cake in the shape … Continue reading

Happy Birthday to Me!

Thirty-nine years old. Who would have ever thought. My Mom baked every one of my birthday cakes that I can remember. Thirty years ago today, she made this one for me: “Happy Birthday, Robbie.” (That’s me.) By the nine candles … Continue reading

Happy Birthday, Herbie Hancock!

Herbie Hancock, master musician and apparently owner of a lot of freaky robots, turns 72 years old today. Happy Birthday, Herbie! Back when I was a kid the robots in this video really freaked me out. Now I think it’s … Continue reading

An E-vite, Circa 1981

We had a kick-ass Hallmark shop in our neighborhood. It’s where we bugged our moms to buy us Peanuts stuff (always overpriced — did Charles M. Schulz know how much we kids were on the hook for Snoopy’s raincoat?) and … Continue reading

Happy Star Wars Cake Day!

Today is my 38th birthday, so Happy Birthday to me! Every year for my birthday, my mom would bake me a cake and decorate it herself. One of her favorite things to do was to buy me a toy and … Continue reading

Happy Birthday William Katt

William Theodore Katt was born on February 16, 1951 in Los Angeles, California. While many might remember him from his turn as Tommy Ross in Carrie or Roger Cobb in House. To me he will always be The Greatest American … Continue reading