Need A Vacation? Why Not Head Out To Icon: 2016 – Ottumwa’s Video Game Festival?

Beginning on August 5 and ending on the 7th, Ottumwa, Iowa – the Video Game Capital Of The World will be hosting a weekend of absolutely amazing video game events. For those that are lucky enough to attend this year you can participate in competitions, shop at the various video game vendors, and also get some autographs from gaming celebrities. Take time to enjoy the trading card awards ceremonies and make sure you are present for The International Video Game Hall Of Fame when it inducts the late Josh Jones who was widely considered the Ambassador of Video Games , Tim McVey (First Nibbler Player to reach 1 Billion Points), Eugene Jarvis (Co-Creator of Defender), Eric Ginner (, Gary Stern, Kat Gunn, David Bishop Thor Ackerlund, Tim Balderramos, and Steve Harris to their honored ranks as well as giving a special place in the Hall of Fame to 1981’s groundbreaking Defender!

Icon 2016 - Ottumawa Video Game Festival

Planned to make appearances during the event are Billy Mitchell, Walter Day, Joel West, Cary Chaney, Rene Salinas, James White, Steve Sanders, Richie Knucklez, Lonnie McDonald, Terry Minnich, Derek Sorrells and even more.


Also of note is the screening of Man vs. Snake which is a brand new arcade game documentary about Tim McVey and Italian kickboxing champion Enrico Zanetti trying to obtain the highest world score on 1982’s Nibbler – and it looks absolutely fantastic!

For more information on Icon: 2016 why not visit their Facebook Page and their site!

Billy Mitchell On Achieving First Perfect Game On Pac-Man

The other day on Facebook I was sent a link by the Retroist’s own Gary Burton to this short but interesting interview with Billy Mitchell from Great Big Story. Mitchell not only discusses what it felt like to be the first Player to obtain a perfect game (achieving 3,333,360 points) but also goes into a little detail of the difficulty of achieving such a feat and the acclaim that went with it.

Images courtesy of Great Big Story.

Images courtesy of Great Big Story.

The interview looks to me to have been filmed in one of the King of Kong arcades but I’m not sure about that nor why there is so much video of Mitchell playing Ms. Pac-Man while talking about the original Pac-Man game – however the champion certainly shows some means skills which only stands to reason and a pretty sweet trick during the interview.

[Via] Great Big Story

The Kong Off At Richie Knucklez Has Begun!

Right now as I type this, the Kong Off at Richie Knucklez in Flemington, New Jersey has officially begun! At what other time will these gaming greats be together again to compete in glorious Video Game combat on ten Donkey Kong machines?

1)Hank Chien
2)Steve Wiebe
3)Billy Mitchell
4)Mark Kiehl
5)Eric Howard
6)Dean Saglio
7)Ben Falls
8)Ross Benziger
9)Vincent Lemay
10)Dave McCrary
11)Kyle Goewert

A huge thanks to Richie Knucklez for this humorous photo posted on the Forums page, make sure to follow the link to not only read more interesting things about the Kong Off but visit the merchandise page while you are there. I’m going to have to get me one of those awesome T-shirts they are selling before the weekend is up! In the photo we have Hank Chien, Steve Sanders, Billy Mitchell, and Richie Knucklez flashing the horns. Look up in the upper right corner, over the Punch-Out machine, you can see a photo of the original Life magazine ‘greatest arcade game players’ photo shoot from back in 1982.

Thanks to Justin.TV for the live feed supplied below.
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You can also follow a Live Text Feed over at Nintendo Life Retro!