The Rerun Show

It’s usually a big surprise if a summer replacement show is a big hit – it’s filler and B-grade material by design. In the summer of 2002, Fox struck big with a show about moderately attractive young people singing karaoke that became the most popular television show of the decade, American Idol. I never watched it. Because NBC was airing this bizarre sitcom/variety show/sketch show experiment called The Rerun Show, in which veterans of the excellent L.A. sketch and improv scenes recreated a popular live show and remade, word for word but with a healthy amount of irony, straight-faced mockery, and rampant cross-dressing, memorable episodes of classic cheesy sitcoms.

It only lasted for a few weeks, long enough for just a handful of re-dos of episodes of things like Saved By the Bell, Bewitched, and The Facts of Life.