What’s Up in the Attic Little Golden Book

I loved both Little Golden Books and Sesame Street as a kid and was tickled to run across this stack of them in a local book store. The artwork both in and on these books was appealing to both kids and adults — bright and colorful without being too busy. I didn’t buy the stack, but I did sit down for a few minutes in the kid’s section of the store and flip through them all.

Bert from Sesame Street Interviews Andy Samberg

I have no idea why this interview show is not on every night, I found it awkward, odd and of course wonderful. So going Sesame Street’s Bert as he sits down with comedian and Saturday Night Live cast member, Andy Samberg, to talk about life, literature, cuisine and of course, socks.

Bert’s Interview Show – Part 1 of 2

Bert’s Interview Show – Part 2 of 2