Through Beatnik Eyeballs

Through Beatnik Eyeballs

Browsing through my Pinterest feed, I came across the image above with the catching tagline “with complete glossary for squares”! Feeling compelled to learn more I duly searched for “Through Beatnik Eyeballs” and discovered that this is a book cover.

First published in Great Britain in 1961. A serious book written about teenagers, by a teenager and in a language that has delighted teenagers in America and Britain. It is written mainly in Kookie-talk and for those “Squares from Squaresville” who may find difficulty in following the dialogue the author has included a glossary.

The web is awash with quotes from the book, including this nugget:

“I’ve driven in from birdland in my chariot after a dark four and I’m here in the frolic pad to lay some gut bucket on you loose gooses before I shake my reins and head for dreamsville.”

If you have a copy of the book, please quote more in the comments below!