Full On YouTube – Beastmaster 1 & 2

Did you know you can see some of the best movies from our childhoods are on YouTube in their entirety? They are

Earlier this week I talked about cool throwing weapons from 80s fantasy movies, included Dar’s caber from The Beastmaster. While researching these weapons, I discovered that the entire Beastmaster movie is on YouTube.
Now I know that we all have Beastmaster on DVD and don’t really need the YouTube version. However, I also discovered that Beastmaster 2, which fewer of us have, is full on YouTube as well.
There is a line in part 2 in which Sarah Douglas asks why people keep wanting to cleave her black heart from her chest, saying that she thinks her cheast cleaves quite nicely on its own. A female friend watching the movie with me said she was going to remember that line and use it later. I don’t know when she thought she could use a line whose set up is “I’m going to cleave your chest…”, but it was a cool line in the film, anyway. So check out that line and all the others in Beastmaster 2.

And just in case you still can’t get enough Dar (and who can?), Beastmaster 3 is on YouTube as well.


80s Fantasy Throwing Weapons

Anybody can fight with a sword. But the coolest guys in the distance past (or other galaxies; I was never sure) stepped it up to throwing weapons. Here are just a few of the best.

The Glaive from Krull. The awesome thing about this is that we all got to use it in the 2600 game.

The caber from Beastmaster. Dar tore it up with this thing.

The boomerang from Road Warrior. This is the only scene I remember from seeing this film as a kid at the drive-in.

The discs from Tron. Okay, this one isn’t in the past (neither was the Road Warrior), but it is still way cool. And we got to play this one in video games as well. (By the way, isn’t it hilarious when guys upload content they don’t own to YouTube and then disable embedding??)

What more proof do you need? If you want to be real cool, don’t get a sword. Get something with a lot of points and start throwing.