Making The Most of the Micro

Making The Most Of The Micro

What happens when a large broadcasting corporation like the BBC decides to tackle an emerging electronics field such as the micro computer? Well, if it’s the 80’s you get the Computer Literacy Project and shows such as “The Computer Programme”, “Making the Most of the Micro” and “Micro Live” which between them ran from 1982 to 1987.

The video below is episode 1 of Making The Most Of The Micro from 1983 and is fantastic! Worth watching just to see the presenter walk around a circuit board explaining what many of the components are for!

Making the Most of the Micro delved deep into the technicalities and uses that microcomputers could be put to, mainly using the BBC Micro in the studio for demonstration purposes. Whilst I never owned a BBC Micro, my early school life was dominated by the machine so it is great to see it in its day being put to such great use!