all but blind

A Starry Halloween

If Hallowe’en’s a starry night
You’ll see the Gobelins in flight
Perched on their black Bat aeroplanes
They flit about the weather vanes!

I’m not sure if this vintage postcard includes a typo, or an antiquated spelling of “goblin.” In modern English, a “goblin” is an evil and mischievous, somewhat gnome-like, creature. A “Gobelin” is a type of tapestry named for a family of French dyers who produced the artful textile.

The gal in the postcard looks pretty comfortable with the creatures, so maybe she’s one of the Gobelin family…she does have a nicely dyed sash.

Vintage Halloween Postcard

Halloween Signs

“If with one puff you blow out the light,
‘Tis a sign you’ll marry this year;
If with two, or three your chance is slight,
and if more, give it up for the night.”

After reviewing dozens of vintage Halloween postcards, I can say that a common theme is one of marriage, or at least hoping for marriage…somewhat desperately if you ask me. In this case, it’s a young witch puffing the magic candlestick wishing for a fine young wizard with which to pair. Good luck witchy, I hope you extinguish the flame with one breath.

Vintage Halloween Postcard