Space Ghost And…Batman?!

Good morning! Grab a bowl of your favorite cereal and join me as we watch this absolutely thrilling team-up featuring Space Ghost and Batman entitled “The Space Safari”.

This is of course from the sadly cancelled Cartoon Network series, Batman: Brave and the Bold. Gary Owens the original voice for Space Ghost returns to the character in this short, the last time he voiced the Cosmic Crusader was for the 1981 series!
[Via] Brooklyn Chivalry’s YouTube Channel

Doom Patrol By The Mirrorball Man!

The Mirrorball Man over at deviantART has done something wonderful with this piece of artwork depicting the DC Comics team, The Doom Patrol. He’s meshed them with Mike Mignola’s (Hellboy) art style and I believe you’ll agree it looks fantastic.

I think I’ll leave the history of the Doom Patrol to Retroist Regular, Daniel Th1rte3n!

This clip from Batman: The Brave and the Bold will at least get you introduced with this team of perpetual outsiders as they use their gifts to aid a humanity that reviles them.

[Via] Tomstoyz2 over on Youtube.

The Creature Commandos In The War That Time Forgot

A huge thanks to friend of the Retroist, Tom Krohne over at ‘The Blog That Walks Like A Man’, for giving me the heads up on this intro for Cartoon Network’s Batman: Brave and the Bold episode “Four Star Spectacular”.

I’ve mentioned once or twice how even as a kid I was obsessed with all things related to the Universal Monsters…and horror in general. But I remember going into a local gas station in my youth and seeing a DC Comic entitled Weird War Tales…and on the cover looking back at me were the Creature Commandos. I would not leave the store without that comic in my hands…thankfully my Father took pity on me.

My love for the Creature Commandos would only continue to grow after reading that issue. For those not in the know it deals with a top secret team of soldiers during WWII that are part of Project M, an organization that experimented and tried to specialize biotechnology and in some cases…necromancy. The Creature Commandos were one such “success”:

“Warren Griffith – Warren was a simple farm boy who suffered from clinical lycanthropy. Project M gave him the ability to change into a true Werewolf.

Dr. Myrra Rhodes – Also known as Dr. Medusa. After inhaling strange fumes, she grew snakes for hair and superficially resembles one of the Gorgons.

Lt. Matthew Shrieve – Matthew was their team leader. He was a fully human hard as nails soldier.

Pvt. Elliot “Lucky” Taylor – Lucky barely survived stepping on a mine. He was stitched back together against his will so he resembles the Frankenstein monster and has damaged vocal cords.

Sgt. Vincent Velcro (or, in modern series, Velcoro) – Vincent volunteered for the project in order to commute a 30-year sentence in the brig for crippling an officer. Like a Vampire, he can now change into a bat and requires human blood to survive.”

You can see from their descriptions on Wikipedia…this wasn’t exactly a happy-go-lucky team of operatives!

The reason Pvt. Taylor has damaged vocal cords by the way is because on a mission in France the team found a scientist in a Nazi death camp, they couldn’t free her and with her knowledge of deadly chemical warfare…they had to end her life as to keep said knowledge from the Nazis.

Pvt. Taylor was so ashamed of his actions that upon returning to base he attempted suicide…but the Project M scientists repaired the damage and revived him though his vocal cords had been completely destroyed…so for the rest of the series he was rendered mute.

That was Weird War Tales for you, friends.

Like I mentioned up top, a huge thanks to Tom Krohne, make sure to follow that link to his blog. It’s full of awesome Monster art and facts, just tell them we sent you!

A big tip of the hat to UltimateJKC1994 over on YouTube for uploading that Creature Commandos video!

Challengers Of The Unknown Animated Series Intro!

I picked up Volume One for the second season of Batman: Brave and the Bold on DVD the other day. I really do like what they’ve done with that series, especially when they give heroes that might be considered second-stringers a bit of the limelight. Like they did with one of my favorite teams from the DC Universe, the Challengers of the Unknown. Enjoy this faux retro introduction they did to introduce the team!

When Walter Mark “Prof” Haley, Matthew “Red” Ryan, Kyle “Ace” Morgan, and Leslie “Rocky” Davis all miraculously survive a plane crash without injury, and upon noticing that each man’s watch is broken and they’ve stopped at the exact same minute and second…the four decide they are living on borrowed time and should band together as adventurers.

Challengers of the Unknown was created by Jack Kirby and possibly co-created by Dave Wood. It was also the Silver Age of comics so you didn’t really bat an eye when a situation like this occurred:

“When Red is killed, a teen rock star/engineering genius immediately wages a vendetta against the three-man team. “Tino Mannaray” turns out to be Martin Ryan, Red’s kid brother, who blames the team for his death. Red eventually returns; though blown up, he had been dosed with shape-changing Liquid Light and rendered amnesiac, but still nearly conquered the Pacific as a Tiki god.”

Not only does Red come back from the dead but he had nearly conquered the Pacific as a Tiki God. I love the comics I pick up every week but I sometimes miss those kinds of stories…I really do.

A big thanks Lethal Force the Movie for posting that Faux intro on YouTube and to Animated Superheros for that awesome screencap!

Batman: Brave And The Bold Featuring…Weird Al?

Obviously it is just a matter of opinion but since the recent Batman: Brave and the Bold on Cartoon Network featured not only Scooby-Doo but Weird Al Yankovic…this is the greatest animated show of all time. Don’t believe me?

Thanks to the DC Universe Blog for the above picture and a huge tip of the hat to EBNDavid for said greatest episode that he was kind enough to post on YouTube!