Barney Miller: The Complete Series on DVD

When Sony abandoned its release of Barney Miller on DVD after only 3 seasons, I was none too pleased. I had half watched the show as a kid and new it was something special even back then. So when it came out on DVD I dove in and didn’t look back. Well written and well acted – the show was the complete package. Yet somehow the fans I guess didn’t show up for Sony’s release like Sony expected and it looked like we would be stuck with low quality copies to finish off the show.

Enter Shout! Factory who has stepped into not just release the remaining seasons, but to release the entire series. All 8 seasons on 25 discus plus bonuses for a total of over 4400 minutes worth of entertainment. It is an extravaganza!

As I mentioned their are also bonuses. They include:

* Newly-produced and never-before-seen bonus features
* 32 page commemorative book
* New interviews with the cast
* Original unaired pilot
* Writers’ commentary on select episodes
* Entire first season of Fish (Abe Vigoda spin-off)

Barney Miller gets the treatment it deserves from Shout! Factory and this set is definitive. So if you a fan, no need to hem or haw, just head over to your favorite retailer and order Barney Miller: The Complete Series on DVD.

Barney Miller DVD Box Set Announced

Fellow retro supporters Shout Factory have announced they will be releasing a DVD box set containing all episodes of Barney Miller this October. Along with all 8 seasons of the show, the 25 (!) disc release will also “a 32-page Commemorative Book, previously unreleased interviews with the cast, the original unaired pilot, writers commentaries, and the first season of the spin-off show “Fish” starring Abe Vigoda.”

Barney Miller was on the verge of being before my time. I remember my dad watching and enjoying the show, but at the time I was too young to pick up on some of the dry humor. Since then, I’ve seen a few clips from the show that look pretty funny. This box set is definitely going on my Christmas list, and I look forward to finally watching the entire series from beginning to end for the first time.

Anyone who’s ever seen the show and remembers that iconic, green door will instantly recognize the box set’s packaging.

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