Barbie Travelin’ Trailer, Yee-Ha!

The Retroist’s post yesterday on Barbie’s Ferrari got me thinking about the past. I guess that’s the Retroist’s specialty, right? Anyway, as a kid I wasn’t even aware of the Barbie Ferrari. Most of my friends had the pink Corvette. The ‘vette was sweet, but my Barbie felt that it was too high-maintenance…look at me, look at me. My Barbie had a more outdoorsy bent. A nature girl, if you will.

My Barbie tooled around town, or her ranch, in an off-road vehicle with horse trailer. The set was called the Barbie Travelin’ Trailer. Sadly, the trailer could only accommodate one of Barbie’s horses at a time. Naturally she needed two horses for galloping through the woods, or on the beach, with Ken. Barbie rode Dallas, Ken rode Midnight. When they traveled, they often took Dallas as her golden mane coordinated better with the beige horse trailer…my Barbie may have been a nature girl, but fashion was still important. But let’s not feel too badly for Midnight. He always got Dallas’ share of oats when she was away in the trailer.

One of the best features of the off-road vehicle was the hand winch and pulley that really did work, just like the box says! It was great for incline pulling and had a fab load capacity.

My mom still has this set in her basement…I’d better not tell her it’s going for nearly $500 bucks on Amazon, or it won’t be at her house the next time I feel like playing “Ranch” with Barbie and Ken.

Please enjoy these images of the original set from 1982…and remember to keep your trailer tidy!

Barbie Ferrari in Red or White

All throughout my youth my friends would talk about their dream cars. They wanted muscle cars or cars with exotic Italian names that you only saw on TV. This facet of childhood was never lost on toymakers and they are always quick to make sure that if kids are thinking about a car, their favorite toy is driving that car.

Barbie has driven many cars over the years, but as the 1980s peaked and started to end, one car was on every kid’s mind, The Ferrari.

Magnum PI red was the preferred color:

But it seems that it was not the only color available:

The Barbie Ferrari is no longer made, but if you have the cash you can pick one up in pretty good condition. Or you can stop living in the past and embrace the future in Barbie vehicles…

Barbie Townhouse on Sale at Amazon Today

We love the Barbie Townhouse, here on the site. So we are very excited to see that the Townhouse is currently on sale at Amazon as part of their Cyber Monday stuff. The townhouse is Amazon Prime Eligible, so it can be a really good deal if you are a member and get that shipping for free. I checked Toy’s R Us and the price is a bit higher there currently.

Sale on Barbie Pink 3-Story Dream Townhouse [via] Amazon

Barbie Birthday Party at Walt Disney World’s Epcot (1994)

Celebrate with Barbie and her two totally hip friends, Lisa and Stephanie. They’ll take you on a worldwide adventure through Walt Disney World Epcot, and go behind the scenes to experience the making of the fabulous live Magical World of Barbie Stage Show. Without ever leaving Epcot, Lisa and Stephanie have fun with pinatas in Mexico, origami in Japan, pasta in Italy, and more! You’ll meet friends from all over the world who send along special birthday wishes for Barbie.

WOW! It’s time to get ready for the Barbie Stage Show, Lisa and Stephanie will take you backstage where you’ll experience everything from set building to hair styling. What’s more, you’ll actually see Barbie and her friends dancing and singing in great costumes in an exciting peek of the show. You’ll love every action-packed minute! Happy Birthday Barbie! It’s magical Disney Fun! Plus, see an exciting preview of the all new 1994 Barbie dolls and fashions.

Barbie Birthday Party at Walt Disney World’s Epcot (Part 1 of 3)

Barbie Birthday Party at Walt Disney World’s Epcot (Part 2 of 3)

Barbie Birthday Party at Walt Disney World’s Epcot (Part 3 of 3)

** I think I recognize one of the guys in this show from his work at Disney’s Animal Kingdom’s “Flights of Wonder” as “Guano” Joe. I am pretty sure I have also seen him over at Hollywood Studios and other other places. He is playing the Australian in this special (easy to find at the start of part III). Does anyone know his name?

1962 Barbie Lunchbox

This lunchbox not only has a wonderful graphic, it also has a a thermos and has been reduced to sell. So if your a hardcore Barbie fan, drop by Hake’s and check it out before someone else snaps it up.

King-Seeley Thermos Co. ©1962 Mattel Inc. .5″ split to interior of hinge with .25″ split to exterior. Lightly tarnished metal parts. VF. Original metal thermos with plastic cap shows light aging and is VF/Exc.