The Barbara Walters Special – March 27, 1995 (Interview with Jim Carrey)

Back in early 1995, Jim Carrey was a star on the rise. Fresh off of four years on In Living Color, and with three feature films under his belt (and a fourth on the way), Hollywood loved this rubber-faced comic.

He wasn’t for everyone (and still isn’t), but in 1995, he was pretty darn popular!

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And I loved him! What kid didn’t?

Barbara Walters has always been known for this unique way of interviewing celebrities. Armed with her Vaseline camera lens and ability to make celebrities cry, it seemed like she was unflappable.


That was, until the tables were turned and Jim Carrey nearly got her in an interview that aired as part of The Barbara Walters Special on March 27, 1995.

Yes, I looked that date up.


It’s a nice interview – Carrey and Walters discuss his career, his family, his struggles in both life and his rise to fame, we see some of his impressions, he’s candid…and he’s heartfelt. When you get to the end, you’ll see why.


Come for the nostalgia, movie clips, and a good interview that doesn’t show Carrey acting like his goofball persona…and stay for the heartstring tugging.


Click play below, and witness all the feels!

The commercial at the end of the video was not cut off by me for the purpose of this article. My mom really did stop the tape right there.

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This is normal, trust Allison.

She agrees that this interview has all the feels.