Egg Monsters - Transformable Eggs

Egg Monsters…Are Transforming Egg Monsters?!

Friends, just a couple of weeks ago I was cleaning up my work space, down here in the Vault. When the telltale rattle of the mail chute made me look up from my writing. What came down the chute? Why, nothing more than three oddly transformable toy eggs. After a few seconds I realized these were transforming Egg Monsters. Right there on my desk where transforming versions of Jason Voorhees, Frankenstein’s Monster, and Dracula. Of course I still had no clue what Egg Monsters were!
Egg Monsters - Reissue

Thankfully we have the internet, right? I will certainly admit that it took me a little bit to actually find out some actual information on the Egg Monsters. While those that were sent to me are actually a modern reissue. The first Egg Monsters appear to have been released by Bandai back in 1987.
Egg Monsters - Frankensteins Monster

Thanks to a blog and Google translator, I think I understand what these toys are. If I read it correctly, friends, they were a toy line known as Charan-Poran transformable eggs. It appears these toy eggs came in all manner of types. Not just Egg Monsters but even the likes of Dinosaurs were featured in the toy line.
Egg Monsters - Dinosaurs

I very much doubt they were ever made available here in the States, at least not back in the 80s. That is however until I took a moment and looked up the Meteorbs. From the Masters of the Universe toy line.
Egg Monsters - Masters of the Universe - Meteorbs

These are in fact a series of toys that were originally known as Tamagoras. Mattel bought some from Bandai I suppose and gave it that Eternian twist. Featurning names like Tuskor, Cometroid, Ty-Grr, as well as Gore-illa to name a few. Bringing these toys into the Masters of the Universe definitely made sense at the time. Especially since Transformers were making a killing in the toy wars.

Throw in the fact that for a moment, the Universal Monsters were actually contemplated for a “Vintage Horror Movie Series” branch of the Transformers. The idea of a series of transforming Egg Monsters doesn’t seem all that strange, right?

Egg Monsters - Universal Monsters - TFWiki.Net

Image courtesy of the Transformers Wiki!

Thanks to that Italian blog we also know there were more than three characters available. Besides Jason, Frankenstein’s Monster, and Dracula – there was also toys for The Creature from the Black Lagoon, The Mummy, and even The Wolf Man!
Egg Monsters - Wolfman

I suppose the question is how will I go about and obtain the rest of the toys in this series. I might indeed have an overactive imagination but I feel my Jason needs to square off against that Wolf Man!
Egg Monsters - Jason Transformed

The internet comes through for us again, friends, as here is an Egg Monsters commercial!

Godzilla Triple Vision by Bandai

Godzilla King of the Monsters Triple Vision

When I was around 6 or 7 years old, I had a small LCD game based on Godzilla. Until recently I had forgotten all about this game, with little memory of it other than the fact it was green and that it had more than one screen.

Feeling nostalgic and curious, I had a hunt around Ebay but found little more than a slew of single screen games. Digging deeper I found the Handheld Empire website and the game of my childhood!

The 1982 game had you play on one of three screens. The first screen at the bottom was stage 1, the raised upper screen was stage 2 and the stage 3 finale was a wonderful 3D effect that had you playing across 2 screens that were moved to be on top of each other.

The stages were very basic and required little more than memorising a pattern and getting your timing right but I spent hours playing it and I remember hiding away late at night, under my bed covers with a torch for light, playing when I was meant to be sleeping!

Gundam Triple Vision

Reading further on the “Triple Vision” series of games, it seems there were two other choices available to purchase including the Space Centurion Gundam game above and a much rarer Mechanical Electric Fighter game.

(The Godzilla Triple Vision image is an amendment to an image found at Retro Games)

Fight to the Finish with Bandai Spin Fighters

Spin Fighters were metal top toys from the 1990s. When you bought a standard set you got two (so they could fight each other) and they came in two colors, black and gold. On the top of the tops (yes!) were printed with characters from TV shows or cartoon characters. Some hits were the Power Rangers and WWF(E) wrestlers. If you didn’t guess, the black top usually stood for the bad guy and the gold top was for the good guy.

To play with your Fighter you used a top launcher. It would wind the tops and release them for you. You could do that on any reasonably flat surface or in the Spin Fighters Battle Bowl. In the end, the last top standing, wins. For a top toy, the Spin Fighters had a good concept and a pretty good run, but by the end of 1996, production had pretty much ended.

I am pretty sure if they had come up with a line of their own fighters instead of co-branding them, they could have launched a short run and now forgotten animated series based on the Spin Fighters. Beyblade would later do something similar. But I guess if they had not used the other properties, they might not have had the popularity they had. It is hard to know what might have been, I guess that makes it a great “what if” for the world’s historians to puzzle over for generations.

Horror House: The Board Game

Found this neat looking Horror game released by Bandai over on Board Game Geek! It looks like the perfect game for this Halloween season, though sadly I’ve not been able to dig up too much information on it.

From the Board Game Geek site:

“Escape the Horror House where 45 of the worlds monsters wait to terrify you!

Battle with the monsters: If you win the demons scream; when you lose the monsters bellow a wicked laugh.

A game for two to four players…never play alone.


Deathhead roulette (electronic: requires 1 C cell battery)
39 monster cards
6 king of demon cards
1 guardian spirit card
4 pass cards
11 king demon chips
1 sword
4 tokens (men)
1 instructions

Play consists of moving around the house fighting monsters
by inserting the sword into holes in the electronic death head to determine the outcome (screams, laughter or the clashing of swords determines the winner) ie: electronic dice rolling and outcome.”

A big thanks to Ant Parker and G. Hooke for sharing the photos of the game up top!