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Check Out Invisible Monsters – The Lost Wizard Of Wor Arcade Prototype!

Invisible Monsters. That name shouldn’t ring any bells for fans of the Golden Age of Arcade games. Until just a few weeks ago in fact no one had heard of such an arcade title. Of course word spreads fast in classic gaming circles. Especially when it’s a rather groundbreaking find like with Invisible Monsters. An unknown 1980 prototype for Bally/Midway’s Wizard of Wor which was released in 1981!

[Via] Retro Gameplay

I must give all credit to the exceptional Arcade Heroes site. They are the ones that gave me the heads up on Invisible Monsters. In addition to supplying the image of the prototype at the top of the page.

I don’t think I can properly put into words how exciting this discovery truly is. There are of course a few differences between the prototype and Wizard of Wor. For one thing you have the designs used for the game’s marquee.

Invisible Monsters still sort of has the same art style but instead of the dastardly Wizard. The prototype appears to have focused on the digital avatar of the Player, known as a Worrior.
Invisible Monsters

In addition to the marquee, the maze itself is different in the prototype. It is larger in fact than the one presented in Wizard of Wor. The Worriors are slightly altered in Invisible Monsters as well. With the radar taking up more space at the bottom of the screen than in the 1981 release.

Now having mentioned a few of the minor differences I must point out some of the major ones. For one thing, in the Invisible Monsters prototype, there is no Wizard of Wor of course. Nor are there any variation of enemies beyond what would be called the Thorwor. The most obvious difference however between the prototype and the 1981 arcade classic is the absence of synthesized speech.

Invisible Monsters is certainly a rare find. One that sadly the majority of us arcade gaming fans will simply not be able to experience for ourselves. I am very thankful then the Mad Conservative has uploaded a nearly 20 minute long video showcasing the prototype!

Friday Flyers: Bull Fight (1984)

As always a huge thanks to the Arcade Flyer Archive for the wonderful scanned images you see below! Are you ready to step into the video arena to do combat with the most massive bull on the Game Grid? If your answer is yes then you are ready to take on Bally/Midway and Sega’s Bull Fight!

Thanks to MAMECADE for uploading not only this video of the game in action but to John Pio for giving us a review of the title to boot!

Friday Flyers: Tron

It only made sense to follow the great Tron podcast with the also impressive arcade flyer for the machine of the same name. As most of you readers will probably agree, Bally-Midway really knocked it out of the park with this game when it was released in 1982. Thanks to the Xbox Live arcade you can play it right now if you want! A mighty thanks as always to the Arcade Flyer Archive for the amazing photos of the flyer below!

Friday Flyers: Revenge From Mars

Last week, the Retroist posted a wonderful Promo video for the Attack From Mars pinball game. Well, I thought it would be proper to make this Friday Flyers post about its sequel, Revenge From Mars. Thanks as always to the Arcade Flyer Archive for the scanned flyers posted below the video. Released into the wilds of the arcade in 2000 by Midway through the Bally division, it was also the last table to be manufactured by the historic company and the first to incorporate the Williams Pinball 2000 system. The system ‘overlays’ pixelated video over the playfield of the table. Check out this fascinating promo posted below.

Friday Flyers: Twilight Zone Pinball

First of all, a big thanks as always to The Arcade Flyer Archive for the incredible Flyer scans you see below. And as huge a fan as I am of Rod Serling’s television masterpiece it is a shame that I’ve only been able to play this pinball table one time in my life. During my first visit to the San Diego Comic-Con. It was an enjoyable two minutes of game time though.
Twilight Zone 1

Twilight Zone 2

Twilight Zone 3

I’m pretty sure anyone that has had the chance to play this table will agree that Bally/Midway knocked it out of the park!