60’s Time Capsule Home Puts Mad Men Set to Shame

In 1964, an Australian woman moved into a brand new home. She decorated it, bought some swingin’ new furniture, and aside from replacing some broken appliances with newer models, hasn’t touched a thing since. Result: Coolest grandma’s house EVAH.

Yowza. Proof once more that the retro enthusiast should be thankful for the cheapskates and the stubborn of the world.

Even better: It’s for sale. Who wants to take up a collection for the new Retroist HQ down under?

Check out the full slideshow at the Daily Telegraph, including some awesome then/now shots.

1987 Australian Energizer Battery Ad with Mark Jackson

In the 1980s I bought into the Aussie hype. I loved Crocodile Dundee, Men at Work, Yahoo Serious and just about anything else that was nice enough to get exported from the “Land down Under”. Yet once they started making commercial starring Aussies, I always found them to be over loud or too kinetic and watching them got exhausting. I specifically remember the “One of these!” battery commercials as particularly overwhelming and I wondered if that was just something they exported or did that type of stuff actually run in Australia. After finding this commercial on YouTube this morning, I am sorry to report that this sort of madness also aired in Australia, although I am not sure at what rate or if the volume and mannerism has the same effect on them.

Calm down Jacko.