Original Unused Monster Cereal Box Art

If you did not know the Pop Culture Auctioneer’s Hake’s has started their newest action, number 204. It is of course filled with lots of high quality Pop Culture and historical memorabilia, including these incredible Monster cereal premium art pieces. Each of the 3 pieces is from the the archives of premium creators Sam & Gordon Gold and features a Monster Cereal Premium that never made it into stores.

Franken Berry “Swinger Monkeys in a Barrel” Offer

Count Chocula Pencil Caddy

Franken Berry Stained Glass Window

Hollywood Auction Extravaganza II

Driving to breakfast this morning, I was surprised to pass a sign for the Hollywood Auction Extravaganza II. This was a bit more appealing than some pancakes, so I stopped to check it out. They’re auctioning a huge selection of movie, TV, and musical props. This includes items from the original Planet of the Apes films, Back to the Future, Batman, and even Indiana Jones. If you’re more into the lyrical scene, they have stuff from Van Halen, Michael Jackson, and even Sammy Davis Jr. The auction runs this weekend (July 30-31st, 2011) and starts at 11 am Pacific. No need to be in Los Angeles to participate, though. You can see all the goodies and bid online at www.icollector.com Just don’t bid against me for the Spock ears!

Original Unused Cap’n Crunch Cereal Premium Art

Hake’s is in the midst of of auction #203 and it is a treasure trove of high quality retro finds. Even if you have no intention of buying anything, you really should spend some time today browsing their collections. I find something new everyday. While browsing cereal art I stumbled upon something that would look great on my wall. Original cereal premium art that was never used. You heard me right, someone had the foresight to preserve and protect the original art that appeared on the back of cereal boxes even for premiums that were never used.

I found 4 for Cap’n Crunch all of which would make amazing conversation starters. They have The Exploding Submarine, Pirate Treasure Duel, Wheel House Medallion (exceptional) and The Pirate Cannon (pictured below).

Colorforms Outer Space Men Poster

If you did not know it, Hake’s the nostalgia auction powerhouse, is in the midst of another one of their wonderful auctions. Each new one brings with it unique treasures. If you have not checked it out, I suggest you pop over and browse. If I might make a suggestion of where to start your journey how about this wonderful Colorforms Outer Space Men Poster.

According to Hake’s

18×24″ glossy paper poster for retailers to promote the first series of seven posable action figures by Colorforms (see items #2925-2931). These were released in 1968 and as pictured on the poster include Commander Comet, Xodiac, Colossus Rex, Electron +, Astro-Nautilus, Alpha 7, and Orbitron. Poster features great images of the actual figures produced, complete with their weapons/accessories. NM, uncirculated condition. The ultimate promo piece to display with your Colorforms Outer Space Men collection. From the archives of toy designer Mel Birnkrant, creator of the Outer Space Men and comes w/signed COA.